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You can also do a spa at home and learn three beauty salon skincare tricks

2018-03-14 19:12:00

Some facial masks are not as good as those you buy yourself, but why the effect of facial masks is worlds apart. Massage is on the one hand, we must feel that in the beauty salon even if not massage just clean and apply a mask effect is not bad, want to upgrade the skin care effect is actually very simple. Step1: Makeup cleaning is very important to steal tips: index finger and middle finger massage, you can use the finger belly can also bend the finger, with the back of the finger, the strength should be very gentle, like the breeze brushing the face, too much strength will cause skin sensitivity or wrinkles. You can do this at home: Choose a cleanser according to your skin, and then massage with the above method, generally half a minute, the longest should not exceed one minute. Step2: The foundation of the toner should not be ignored: the toner must not be less before applying the mask, and generally choose a good moisturizing effect. The action after spraying is flick - tap - tap. Here's what to do at home: We often skip this step at home, but we do not know that this is a very key link, as for the choice of toner this mainly depends on the state of your skin, if you can choose a dry type of moisturizing toner, if you want to whiten, you can also choose a whitening type of toner, you can fill the water in a small watering can, evenly spray on the face, the same technique, Note that if you can keep your hands warm for a while, the effect is better. Step3: Apply the mask with skills to steal skills: T zone and chin first, do not apply too thin, otherwise it will not work. Here's what to do at home: If your mask is mud, make sure you don't see your pores, and if it's gel, it's about the thickness of a dollar coin. And be sure to apply evenly.