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Whitening need to know some knowledge

2018-03-15 14:24:33

Everyone wants to be a "Snow White", obviously have tried so many whitening methods, used so many whitening products, but the skin is still not as white as we expect. Why is that? In fact, it is very simple, because some whitening problems you make a mistake, do not understand do not understand these whitening points how to whiten is just useless! Here, take a look at the skin-whitening problems with a skin care expert.


Q1: Small black skin, how to have a clear white skin? A1: Inner thighs are about as white as you can get. A woman with dark skin since childhood, although it is impossible to have Snow White's skin. However, it is still possible to restore the skin of your face to the whiter state at birth through sunscreen + keratin metabolism products + whitening essence + circulation massage products + appropriate medical means + diet and life conditioning.


Q2: How to whiten sensitive skin? A2: Choose mild whitening ingredients. Choose "non-irritating" mild whitening products, it is less likely to cause allergies! But because everyone's allergies are not the same, it is best to try before buying! The trial part is recommended to pick the ear side, it is not recommended to test with the body, and the load degree reflected by the skin of the face and the body is still different!


Q3: How can I whiten my skin if it has spots? A3:


If spot muscles want to whiten, it is not the usual whitening cleanser, toner, etc., which can be solved. Only with a high concentration of whitening essence can effectively clean white, ball design of light spot essence pen, prone to spot parts of the local light spot surface


Film, spot concealer and other key light spot products, are the best choice, and appropriate medical means, such as pulsed light, pigment spot laser, etc., are very good choices!


Q4: Is there any difference in whitening between dry skin and oily skin? A4:


In fact, from the beginning, whitening products have always discouraged dry skin, and in recent years, whitening has comprehensively improved the moisturizing degree of products, but it is more in the cleansing products, toner products, lotions and creams to distinguish the skin class


Type. For oily skin, there is no problem in choosing the right whitening product that makes your skin feel comfortable. If the situation does not improve, adding an oil control product is definitely enough.


Q5: How can dry dark yellow muscle recover white and tender? A5: Most of the time, the skin is not as bad as it looks, but the accumulation of aging keratin and lack of moisture hide the beautiful nature of the skin. At this time, choose whitening toner, exfoliating mask, and even whitening essence (which also contains exfoliating ingredients) to condition your exfoliation!


Q6: How to remove acne scars on the face when whitening? A6: The first thing to look at is the degree of old and new scars. Acne scars can be divided into new scars or old scars: new scars can choose whitening spot products in the local concentration point to wipe fade, but to eliminate old scars, it is necessary to use whitening products containing fruit acid ingredients to accelerate metabolism!


Q7: How to avoid whitening turning pale? A7:


Whitening massage products + Anti-oxidation, anti-pollution products + internal conditioning! Massage can promote blood circulation, promote nutrient absorption, regulate cutin, and contribute to restoring good complexion. At the same time, skin oxidation process, external pollution


Let the skin as dull as rust, so external protective products can not or lack. Finally, good complexion is also revealed from the inside out, internal conditioning of course can not be ignored.