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Which free AI learning websites are better

2018-01-12 04:48:00

adobe illustrator, commonly known as AI, is currently the use of graphic design more software, to be skilled in the use of AI this software, we must learn from the basics, and continue to practice, so that skilled operation of this software. There are many online tutorials, paid or free, but what free AI learning sites are better?




AI software

Video AI learning website

I want to self-study network, is a relatively well-known AI learning website, mainly video tutorials, the use of each tool of AI software, they explain in detail, from the installation of AI software, drawing basis, step by step are tutorials, more suitable for zero-based friends to learn!

Design a tutorial AI learning website

Welfare cloud folieyun, is a relatively novel design website, in their 'design tutorial' inside, set up the 'AI tutorial 'column, the tutorials are still good, from simple to complex, there are some relatively high quality tutorials, is a small series of AI tutorial network, in their' material download 'inside, and 'AI material' download, The material inside is relatively good-looking, and if you want to pursue high-quality AI tutorials, welfare cloud is not bad. If you don't understand anything, you can go to their 'forums',' Technical exchanges' to interact.


Tutorial network, is to create a tutorial to share the earlier tutorial website, in their 'graphic design' and 'tutorial' column, there are a lot of AI tutorials, here, I believe you will also have a good harvest.


Design home, is also a better website to do tutorials, in the 'graphic design' subcategory there are AI tutorials, their tutorials are still good, more partial design and practicality.

Forum AI learning website

Urban cat, is a forum based AI learning website, search for AI in the "post" search bar, there will be a lot of learning tutorials on AI, what you don't understand, you can interact with posts and them.

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