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Which DNF weapons are good looking and suitable for morphing?

2018-03-14 12:48:01

DNF recently launched the new "weapon illusion" system is very popular, many players have illusion of their favorite weapon appearance, just a few days DNF seems to have returned to the era of weapons and equipment blooming with their own characteristics, then I will recommend you a few good appearance suitable for illusion weapons.


Double Dragon Shadow Sword This lightsaber can be said to be the ultimate weapon of all the white dreams of the 60 version, in that era of extreme scarcity of powder, Double dragon Shadow sword with strong attributes and overpowering shape to conquer all players, now a black light is definitely a good choice!


As a "Lord powder", the Glacier Rift sword not only has a high level of appearance, but also has a very strong attribute, and has been a white and red-eyed weapon for a long time.


This knife has a very nice "nickname" called "meteor fall", because this weapon will have a chance to trigger a meteor attack in the attack, so the name.


The slender blade and the red light when waved made the red-eyed people crazy for it, and the price was also the most expensive of all pink weapons!


Magic sword - Apophis magic sword was definitely synonymous with Shenhao at that time, remember that there seemed to be a +14 magic sword sold 100,000 this matter was also on the newspaper, dominative shape and strong enough attributes to make it become the standard of Shenhao red eyes, remember that an ordinary magic sword can sell thousands of pieces!


To tell the truth, this 45-level epic short sword was really a chicken ribs in the year, not only the level is low, the attributes are also general, so in addition to a few people took it to stand on the street to play, most of the rest of the people broke it down directly after.

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