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What safety risks exist in children's toys?

2018-04-18 11:12:14

The main consumer group of children's toys is children, children's immaturity in the body and mind above the language, will make them vulnerable to the harm of toys, so parents and friends of safety awareness, more and more parents will pay attention to the safety risks of children's toys, create what safety risks? To this problem, the following hope to be helpful to everyone.


Children's toy


Safety awareness


The first safety hazard of children's toys is that the production process does not meet the national standards and the supervision of children's toys, or there are many imperfect and unreasonable standards, and the production process of toys does not meet the national requirements


The second safety hazard of children's toys is that the shape is too strange, or the rope or strap is too long, which is easy to wrap children around, and there is a full danger.


Children's toys exist in the third point of safety risks, but also take off again, after disinfection or sterilization treatment there are some health and safety problems, children play, professional infection with bacteria or viruses.


The fourth safety hazard of children's toys, or the pollution of the finished and made materials, the substances in the environment, or the metal substances that do not meet the national standards, or are seriously exceeded, will also cause children to be physically harmed in the completion process, from the safety hazard.

Matters needing attention

Enhance environmental awareness


Strengthen children's toy safety awareness