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What if the freezer leaks

2018-04-12 20:48:29

The freezer is a must have electrical appliances in each family, if the use of time has reached a certain number of years, it will be more prone to some failures, mainly because of the aging of the internal parts in the freezer, or the road damage caused by internal leakage. When there is a leak in the freezer, people must find it in time, so that they can do a good job of maintenance. Therefore, people need to understand the inspection method of leakage in the freezer, which can be found in time so that it can be repaired in time.


Sound leak detection method: First fill the freezer refrigeration channel with nitrogen. Then use a stethoscope to examine the interior, and when you hear a leak in one area, make a mark. Carefully pry open the metal plate, check the leakage point of the channel with strong soapy water, repair by welding or adhesive method, then fill the blowing agent, repair the pry with a larger metal plate, and glue the four sides firmly. This method can do nothing for the micro-leakage of the refrigeration system, which is easy to cause false detection or missing detection.


Evaporator replacement method: After determining the leakage of the evaporator, replace and repair the finished evaporator that can be loaded into the inner cavity of the original evaporator. Connect the freezer's new evaporator to the original cooling channel, and replace the new capillaries and dryers. The disadvantage of this method is that the cost is higher and it is powerless when encountering evaporators of special shapes or multi-door machines and when refrigeration leaks.


Copper winding: This is a suitable repair method for any type of freezer leak. During maintenance, the material size of the purchased copper is generally calculated first, and the shape and length of the disk copper are determined according to the size of the inner liner. Take the insurance supermarket fresh-keeping cabinet as an example, the freezer room generally only needs to be on the left, upper and right sides of the plate, and the freezer only needs to be coiled around a small piece near the box board, which can be wrapped around the method. The new coiled evaporator is then fixed on the metal plate wall with a fixing card and a self-tapping screw.