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What happens when a pupil picks up a rank

2018-04-18 06:24:42

If a primary school student gets a military rank, how should they deal with it? This is an unusual situation and needs to be handled in the right way to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Protect the scene: If elementary school students find a rank somewhere, they should protect the scene as much as possible to avoid others touching or moving the rank. If possible, the scene should be marked to find its owner.


Relevant departments: If primary school students find military ranks, they should promptly inform the local police or military agencies of the situation and provide photos and relevant information at the scene. They will help you return your rank to the right person.


Do not arbitrarily retain: Do not arbitrarily retain this rank, this is very immoral and irresponsible behavior. If elementary school students want to retain this rank, they should first seek the consent of the relevant departments.


Don't post: Never post anything about this rank on social media, it could cause the military to misunderstand you and could potentially pose a threat to you and your family.


Do not touch casually: Do not touch this rank casually to avoid leaving unnecessary fingerprints or other marks. This may interfere with follow-up investigations and may have an adverse effect on you.

Matters needing attention

Do not try to keep or sell this rank privately, this is illegal and may result in legal consequences.


Elementary school students should always remember to secure the scene and provide as accurate information as possible in order to find the owner of this rank.


Primary school students should exercise caution and should seek help and advice from parents or teachers to avoid unnecessary troubles and risks.