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What does the elderly eat to enhance immunity?

2018-04-12 00:00:42

When people reach old age, their physical functions begin to decline, and there will be a series of health problems, including osteoporosis and anemia. If you want to be healthy for a long time, you must enhance your body's immunity. What nutrition is good for the elderly to enhance their immunity?


Xiaobian summarized the nutritional products containing the following 4 nutrients are better.


Protein: The protein synthesis capacity of the elderly is reduced, and the utilization rate is reduced, so it is necessary to pay attention to supplementation. Protein foods come from eggs, fish, cereals and so on. Food is protein macromolecules, can not be directly absorbed, according to scientific research in recent years found that macromolecules of protein to be broken down into small peptides to be absorbed, but because the elderly body functions are correspondingly reduced, digestion and absorption function is also reduced, so can not effectively degrade protein macromolecules. Therefore, taking high-protein nutrients such as Sanjiu protein peptide is the best choice to repair the damaged stomach, improve sleep, enhance immunity, and strengthen physique.


Calcium: Calcium can affect bone health, the elderly have a high demand for calcium, willing to live without calcium-containing nutrients. Why do you need calcium to enhance immunity? Because the elderly body calcium content is sufficient, there will be no symptoms such as osteoporosis, and you can avoid the consequences of falling bone surgery resulting in decreased immunity. And because the calcium in the nutrient requires a small peptide carrier to be transported to the desired parts of the body. Therefore, Sanjiu protein peptide is needed as a carrier to assist the body to absorb other nutrients for the body to maintain health.


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Zinc: In addition to protein, calcium, iron, the elderly to enhance immunity to eat what nutrition good? Zinc can affect the taste of the elderly, poor taste, loss of appetite of the elderly can be appropriate to supplement zinc. Good appetite, the elderly to eat incense, the body will be supplemented with nutrients, immunity will be enhanced.

Matters needing attention

Balanced nutrition, comprehensive for the elderly to create a solid "protective wall".