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What are the steps of flying for the first time, and what do you need to pay attention to?

2018-03-15 03:12:08

A few days ago, my friend and I took a plane for the first time in our life, and I want to share some notes with you, hoping to help those who are also taking a plane for the first time. We're on the flight from here.


Id card or passport


Buy tickets: Buy tickets on various airline apps or travel apps


Check-in: Check-in is the selection of seats, generally open one or two days before departure, we are open the day before departure check-in, if you want to choose a good location, be sure to pay attention to the open check-in time. Choose the location to avoid the minefield, do not choose near the safety escape door, like to take pictures of the little fairy to avoid the wings, try to avoid the toilet. We have a three-to-three seat distribution on this flight.


Get boarding pass + check in: get boarding pass at the airport first, if you haven't checked in yet, you need to check in first. Get the boarding pass and go to the corresponding air baggage. Luggage weighing less than 5kg can be carried on the plane, the luggage is generally less than 20 inches can be carried on the plane. If the suitcase is larger than 20 inches must be checked, the free amount is generally 20kg, more than the additional freight, mainly depending on the specific requirements of the major airlines. So it is recommended to arrive at the airport one and a half to two hours early, because sometimes there are many thieves and the queue is really long. As for overweight luggage, I don't think it would be overweight if it was a 24-inch suitcase full. We this Kunfei deep is to take boarding passes and check together, some airports may be separated, and we must ask whether the queue is really their own tickets for the airline.


Go through security: After the baggage check, you can go through the security check, after the security check, charging bank (less than 20,000 MA), computers and other electronic products, cups, umbrellas and other things should be taken out separately in the security check basket, wear thicker to take off the coat, to remove masks, hats, if possible to take off boots, is not allowed to carry more than 100 ml of liquid through the security check. But the solution can be checked, charging treasure can not be checked, can only carry on the plane, if the spray is too big can not be brought on the plane.


Waiting, boarding: the waiting place is very large, marked with the number of 123456 gate, the time on the boarding pass is the plane time, the departure time is the time we saw when booking, generally 30 minutes in advance of boarding, 15 minutes before the departure will stop boarding, but some airlines will use the radio to remind passengers who are not registered to get on the plane.

Matters needing attention

Boarding procedures may vary slightly from airline to airline.