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What are the preventive measures for facial paralysis

2018-01-13 14:24:00

I believe that everyone will feel shocking when seeing the symptoms of facial palsy patients, the onset of facial palsy is indeed a huge impact on the facial health of patients, so we need to be clear about the harm of facial palsy, and in daily life also need to pay attention to the prevention of facial palsy, only in this way can you better protect yourself. The prevention of facial palsy needs to start from many aspects, then what are the preventive measures of facial palsy?


1. Exercise properly. In the morning and evening cooler time according to their own situation to choose some appropriate sports, such as walking, gymnastics, Taijiquan, dancing, etc., long-term persistence, will make the physique gradually improved, the susceptibility to wind cold and resistance will be greatly enhanced.


Second, the diet is reasonable. Eat less greasy stagnant stomach, not easy to digest food. To prevent facial paralysis, eat more vegetables and fruits, such as peach, grape, bitter melon, eggplant, green pepper, leek, to maintain adequate vitamin intake. In addition, we should eat some rice noodles and coarse grains to maintain sufficient energy supply of the body and enhance disease resistance.


Third, what are the preventive measures for facial paralysis? The prevention of facial paralysis should pay attention to rest. The prevention of facial paralysis and treatment should pay attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep, watch less TV, computer, avoid all kinds of mental stimulation and excessive fatigue, to facilitate the rehabilitation of the disease. Once the illness occurs, it is necessary to go to the regular hospital for treatment in time to avoid missing the best time for treatment.


This article is based on experience