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What are the mainstream laser rangefinders on the market in 2014

2018-04-13 03:12:43

Height measuring Angle measuring a volume rangefinder multifunctional integrated machine can be called a new rangefinder series, which is convenient to carry, simple to operate and multi-purpose. It has a multi-parameter model of height measuring, distance measuring and Angle measuring, and has the function of one-click measurement of four groups of data. It has played a good role in the line measurement of power and complex high-rise buildings, and also provides a convenient way for many fields. Its model is convertible into two modes of one-button multi-functional measurement and single measurement, which gives full play to the advanced measurement equipment that can be called multi-functional in any occasion without changing the model. Distance measurement mainly refers to the oblique distance measurement, that is, the connection line distance from the instrument to the object to be measured. Trueyard has accurately adjusted the laser, laser detector and pulse counter, fully ensuring the ranging accuracy within 1200 meters to 1 meter, if the object to be measured is highly reflective, the measuring range will be greatly increased. In the global telescope brand, mention laser rangefinder altimeter this multi-functional laser rangefinder, have to mention Tuyad, as the first brand of global rangefinder, Tuyad has been advocating the versatility of laser rangefinder, in the multi-functional laser rangefinder technology, Tuyad has up to nearly 80 patents of technology. Toyad is currently the only brand capable of producing multifunctional distance meters with height + Angle + distance measurement above 1000 meters. Tuyad is also because of its leading technology, has long become the overlord of laser rangefinder. The following is Tuyad more well-known Tuyad SP2000H laser distance measuring altimeter Tuyad in June 2013 released the latest rangefinder in the United States, set ranging, height measurement, Angle measurement, absolute height measurement, horizontal distance measurement, continuous ranging, continuous Angle measurement, continuous height measurement, continuous horizontal distance measurement 9 major functions in one, It is the most powerful range finder on the market. 200 meters ranging, launched in the United States in June, that month became the United States multi-function rangefinder sales champion. It is expected to be the first in the mainland about 5600 yuan. This is the world's only distance measuring altimeter more than 2000 meters. Height difference measurement Height difference measurement can measure the height difference between any two points in space, whether the two points are on the same vertical line, you can measure the height difference between objects. Height difference measurement is that you can set the height at two points, when the rangefinder measures the height, you can measure the height at two points, which is convenient and accurate. The function has a wide range of uses, and has very good applications in the fields of interior, military, police, fire protection, forestry communications and so on. Height measurement is a special feature of this series of models. Below is a two-point fixed height difference rangefinder, sales champion for 2 consecutive years. Tuyaad YP900H, 900 meters ranging, powerful, accurate measurement. It is very cost-effective. Height measurement + range measurement + Angle measurement + global multi-function rangefinder model. The price is around 3,300 yuan. The ranging speed is very fast. Angle measurement Angle measurement refers to the measurement of the tilt and tilt Angle (not the measurement of the Angle in the horizontal plane). The Angle measurement device used inside the Doctor is a high-precision electronic Angle measurement chip with stable and reliable performance. Fully guaranteed within 200 meters, the accuracy reaches 0.5 meters. The measurement accuracy of the Doctor energy 202421 in the following figure reaches 0.5 meters. In January 2014, the United States Doctor can in Las Vegas, the shotshow exhibition released its latest four-generation rangefinder - the United States Doctor can range finder 202421, which is an epoch-making product, the accuracy of the telescope rangefinder increased to 0.5 yards. Although the furthest nominal distance is 1760 yards, due to the adoption of the latest second-generation ESP2 technology from the United States, in daily use, most of the cases can reach the farthest distance of 1760 yards, which can be called the portable distance finder that measures the farthest distance. This product has been on the market for two months, and has quickly occupied the throne of the global telescope rangefinder sales champion. Binocular rangefinder binocular rangefinder telescope is another significant work inside the laser rangefinder, binocular rangefinder is in the case of a monocular laser rangefinder, more than one cylinder, and that cylinder is an ordinary high-definition telescope, so binocular rangefinder telescope is equal to the rangefinder + telescope a volume of products. The basic binocular rangefinder telescope is a long-distance rangefinder, the measuring distance is more than 1000 meters in the measuring range, 1200-1800 meters, the price is about 6680-39800 range. Below is one of the more well-known Tuyard BP series binocular ranging telescopes. In 2013, at the SHOTSOW show in Las Vegas, Tuyard released its latest generation of dual-barrel rangefinders BP series, including the BP1200, BP1500 and BP1800. These three rangefinders are slightly better than the Baoneng 201042 rangefinders in performance, and the distance of the three models is from 1200-1800 meters, while the two products of Baoneng only 1600 yards, 10X42 and 12X50, the measurement distance is exactly the same. With these three binocular rangefinders of different distances, Tuyad defeated the Doctor for the first time in 2012 and became the hegemon of the new generation of binocular rangefinders. The price of this two-barrel rangefinder is from 6000-9000 yuan, which has a very high cost performance.