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What are the harms of insomnia

2018-04-12 08:00:19

Insomnia is the lack of sleep caused by the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. In today's fast-paced urban life, insomnia often occurs, and the harm caused by insomnia must not be taken lightly, careful that your health will be quietly "stolen" away.


The harm of insomnia explained


Insomnia can lead to career frustration, a high incidence of accidents, and occasional insomnia brings fatigue and uncoordinated movements the next day. People with chronic insomnia are predicted to have poor professional behavior, inability to concentrate, memory disorders, work difficulties, and accident rates are twice as high as those who sleep normally.


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Insomnia can lead to an increase in the suicide rate of insomnia may lead to the third kind of consequences, irritability, emotional fragility, sentimentality, self-isolation, interpersonal tension, lack of interest in life, decreased sexual desire, with anxiety, depression and other mental symptoms, in addition, the number of people suffering from depression is 3 times that of normal people, in the case of patients with severe insomnia, The suicide rate among them has increased greatly, and in recent years, the suicide rate of middle and young people and college students has increased unabated, becoming an important factor in the family and society.

Matters needing attention

Insomnia patients remember to drink a cup of milk before going to bed hot feet, it is not recommended to eat sleeping drugs