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What are the famous Chinese teams League of Heroes LOL

2018-03-13 22:24:52

I believe you have played the League of Legends for a long time. Have you ever known a professional player? Today I will introduce you to a few of the more famous teams, some of you should be very familiar.


WE Team: In the early days of S1S2, WE can be said to have swept the big and small competitions, after many personnel changes, although it is a relatively old team, but the strength has been maintained quite well, the most famous is the single Ruofang, who plays the card master can be said to be world famous, followed by their ADC Smile. Once known as the number one ADC in the world, and of course, with the handsome anti-pressure Single Strawberry, WE are the most popular player of all the teams.


IG team: IG team personnel compared to other teams change relatively little, one of the most famous is their single, PDD, many players like to call him fat brother, which is not unrelated to his figure, foreign players call PDD a single player's nightmare. In 2014, the IG team changed the auxiliary, re-integrated their team, with a strong medium single stance, the nightmare PDD of the single player, the talented ADC kids IG team, believe that will get better results in 2014.


Royal Clan: Royal team after S3 team changes are very big, once popular in the world, the lower group announced the dissolution, UZI and Tabe parted ways, Uzi also began to try to use the middle unit in more and more games, in such a team in the S3 world Finals to go to the final runner-up, development prospects, let us bless them, I believe that after more new players run in, will play a super strength!


OMG Team: OMG is the most improved team in the S3 season, it can be said that before the S3 season, OMG team few people know, but they are like a dark horse, killed into our vision, their representatives for the single stateless and single big brother gogoing, stateless fox and big brother's crocodile, Mondo many times let us marvel. And the OMG team members are relatively young, I believe they will become more outstanding.


Other: In addition to the above four teams, there are more very good teams, such as PE, and the EDG team that was just formed in late 2013 and early 2014, the strength of the EDG team can not be underestimated, the introduction of a number of very strong players, such as playing the field position of Noyan (the original WE team) and very strong ADC Nami, and auxiliary curling. I believe that more and more teams will stand out in the future competition and achieve outstanding results.