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Website Building - How to design a good website

2018-05-15 03:12:21

Web production requires serious thought and thoughtful planning, the most important thing is to understand your audience (users). Here are some tips from web designers


1, users are visitors If you think that the average user will read your page completely, then you are wrong. No matter how useful information you post on a web page, a visitor will only spend a few seconds browsing before deciding whether to continue reading. If you want users to read your text, make sure you state your point in the first sentence of a page paragraph. In addition, you need to use short paragraphs and interesting headings throughout the page.


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3. The most common error in download speed is caused by the development environment used by web developers, such as using a local machine to develop the site, or using a high-speed Internet connection. Developers sometimes don't realize how long it takes to download their pages. Research on Internet usability tells us that most visitors will leave a Web page if it takes longer than seven seconds to download. Before you publish any large amount of content, make sure these pages are tested on a slow modem connection. If your page takes a lot of time to download, you might want to consider removing some images or multimedia content.


4. Less is more Make all sentences as short as possible. Keep all paragraphs as short as possible. Keep all chapters as short as possible. Keep your pages as short as possible. Use a lot of white space between paragraphs and chapters. Pages filled with long text will drive away your users. Don't put too much content on a single page, either. If you really need to deliver a lot of information, try to break it up into small chunks and put them on different pages. Don't expect every visitor to scroll all the way through a thousand-word page.


5. Allow your users to speak! It's good to get feedback from users. Your visitors are your "customers." They will often give you some valuable ideas or give you suggestions for improvement for free. If you provide some kind of convenient access, you will get a lot of useful feedback from people with many different skills and knowledge.