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Vice President of the ideal City Forest

2018-04-13 06:24:56

Ideal city forest deputy general actor is Tian Hao. "Ideal City" is an urban workplace drama directed by Liu Jin, starring Sun Li and Zhao Youting, specially invited by Yu Hewei, starring Chen Minghao, Gao Ye, Li Chuanying, Zhang Shu, Li Hongtao, Zhao Jun, Qian Yi, Liu Boxiao, Ding Wenbo, and specially starring Yang Chaoyue and Liu Yichang. Based on Ruohua's novel Su Xiao's War, the drama reflects the current situation of China's construction industry and tells the story of the growth of cost engineer Su Xiao. The series will be broadcast on August 12, 2021 on satellite TV and CCTV-8, and will be broadcast simultaneously. As a new era of female construction cost division Su Xiao (Sun Li is acted the role of), has been adhering to the "cost table clean is the clean project" professional beliefs. However, Su Xiao was an "unclean" incident caused by Party B in the industry to be fired from the public construction, and the cost division certificate was withheld. After experiencing a series of questions and career lows, Su Xiao was not knocked down, but into the small Tiancheng from the grassroots. With their own do not forget the original heart, all the way to Tiancheng's performance with the industry peak. Su Xiao's outstanding is obvious to all, not only convinced by colleagues, but also promoted by Zhao Xiankun, chairman of the Win Sea, and entered the layer of master such as forest. Su Xiao ushered in the career of the peak, also ushered in their own love, Xia Ming (Zhao Youting is acted the role of). But the good times are not long, Su Xiao everywhere by Xu Zhiping and other elders to suppress, more because of the pursuit of son surplus difference incident was demoted. House leakage every night rain, Su Xiao and Xia Ming love at the moment to come to an end, won sea and faced unprecedented difficulties, Su Xiao completely into a loss. But with his father's encouragement, Su Xiao regains confidence that the light will eventually break through the fog. Su Xiao under a lot of pressure, adhere to the implementation of reform, and finally win in the reality of the struggle, but also let the sea out of trouble to regroup, towards a higher glory. After several ups and downs, it not only shows the diversity of the construction industry, but also shows the tenacity of women in a new era.