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Travel: Light luxury hiking places recommended

2018-03-14 14:24:00

It's a fast-paced city and we want to "escape" from the pressure. What do you do during the short time on the weekend? Fat house happy water, potato chips, take-out sleep, catch up on drama, catch up on variety walking - one of the right ways to open the weekend

Scenic spot

The walking scenery of the Bay beach trestle road is the favorite scenery of many "outsiders" in work and life, of course, there are also many local people who love walking. The great feature of walking is that it is not difficult, the scenery is good, and it is very suitable for about three or five friends or family Tours.


The boardwalk of the bay starts from the mangrove forest, enjoying the beautiful mangrove scenery and the beautiful coastline, all kinds of free flying birds and small animals live in harmony with nature, and extends to the gorgeous sea world.


The west section of the Bay Beach leisure zone on foot This leisure zone is not less famous than the bay, but the scenery is not less than the Bay, there are 10 theme landscapes with different views. Under the blue sky, the moment when the sun and the sea meet, the picturesque scenery makes people linger.


This walking route connects the charming mangrove park landscape to Shekou, with many laid-back squares and parks along the way, enjoying the city's artistic and fireworks atmosphere.


Goi Kung Wan Crossing Route Itinerary: Sai Kung Village - Tai Luk Kong - Narugan Bay - Goi Kung Wan is a sparsely populated and beautiful bay, with unique views before and after the beach. You can enjoy the romantic vast sea and the coastline where the stars meet. You can also feel the dense jungle between the mountains and the white waterfalls, and watch the clouds rolling in the sky. Enjoy the slow pace of nature.


This route needs to be accompanied by a companion, because the difficulty is also some, at the same time, you need to prepare cotton gloves, because you need to go through the messy stones on the way, you need to "rock climb" over the stones, with a certain challenge.


Wutong Mountain century-old Road Hiking route: Starting from Wutong Mountain Village - climbing along the century-old Road - After the summit, take the road back to Wutong Mountain Village, Wutong Mountain as the first peak, is a hiking attraction that hiking enthusiasts will challenge. There are many routes you can choose to hike Wutong Mountain, and the difficulty is different, because taking into account the many sedentary and inactive trekking small white, the hiking route recommended by Xiaobi is relatively easy to walk and relatively safer.


Beautiful scenery along the way, in the mountains and valleys is a beating soul, they help each other, encourage each other, laughter step by step to the top of the mountain. The road back greatly reduces the difficulty of the descent, and the scenery along the way is also great.


Hiking from East to West is the most classic crossing route. Behind the long coastline are long mountains, beaches, reefs, sea erosion rocks, caves, Bridges, columns staggered, waves beating on the rocks, stirring up spray, very spectacular. Along the way, you will meet many people hiking in the same direction, so the chance of getting lost is very small, just follow the large army, along the coastline, it is OK.


Summer hiking, you need to do a good job of sun protection and wear professional gloves (because some sections along the way need to climb the rubble), so as to avoid sunburn, in addition to the whole process takes about 4 hours, so you also need to bring enough water and a certain amount of food to supplement energy.