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Travel guide to Hailuogou

2018-01-13 01:36:00

What homework should be done to prepare to travel to Hailuogou from departure? What are the travel tips?

First, choose the right mode of transportation.

By bus. From Hailuogou, if you are ready to go by bus, you can choose to go to the new south gate by car, take the Chengya highway, about 6-8 hours, the ticket price is 113 yuan per person. You can also go to the West Gate station to take a bus, go directly, and then transfer to Moxi Town, the ticket price is about 130 yuan.


self-driving tours Go to Hailuogou, self-driving tour, you can start from, walk while playing, and try to plan to the several famous scenic spots, such as Erlang Mountain, bridge, bridge, Quanhua Beach, Kangding, Moxi. This way you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

Second, choose the right accommodation.

Travel to Hailuogou, choose the right accommodation is very important, especially in holidays, be sure to book wine accommodation in advance, you can choose to live in Moxi town, Camp 1, Camp 2 and Camp 3, different places, have different characteristics, Moxi town on the food more, more wine accommodation, the price is cheaper; There is little wine in Camp 1, not much scenery, and generally less choice; Camp 2 has, you can stay after free soaking oh; Camp 3 is higher and has a better view, so if you like photography, you can choose to live here. Try to get the best view.

3. Sightseeing spots.

Feel the six perfections of Hailuogou. People who have been to Hailuogou know that conch has six scenic spots, red stone beach, virgin forest, clouds, snow mountains and glaciers. Here you can see the most primitive things, here you can find the most beautiful scenery, if you don't believe it, you may as well go to the experience.


View 18 views of Hailuogou. The 18 scenes of Hailuogou guarantee that you can feast your eyes, red stone offering life, turtle peng asking the sky, icefall shaking the sky, green sea glacier, flying snow, monkey orchid, palm bamboo snow, etc., does it sound very beautiful? If you are tempted, then quickly put it into action, together to feel the beautiful Hailuogou world. I'm sure this trip will be worth it.


Overlooking the nine wonders of Hailuogou. In Hailuogou, you can see a lot of wonders, rarely seen, lingering back and forth, there are glacier snow Wolf, Buddha light rainbow, sunrise sea of clouds, red rock beach, snow, ice waterfall and other nine kinds, want to overlook these wonders of style? Well, let's do it now.


Visit the Glacier Museum in Hailuogou. The Glacier Museum in Hailuogou has a large area and a long history, where you can witness the development history and change history of Hailuogou Glacier, and understand the past and future of Hailuogou Glacier.

Fourth, the choice of food.

Yak soup pot. Hailuogou geographical location is high, there are specialty yaks, fresh yak beef, coupled with the mountain from the Chinese herbs, slowly cooked into the yak soup pot, fresh soup, drink a bowl, can warm your heart, but also high nutritional value oh, with a variety of effects, can strengthen the body.


Fungi. Hailuogou has boleti, morchella, green fungus and other fungi, these fungi are rich in a variety of substances, high nutritional value, and the soup pot cooked with fresh bacteria, delicious, ensure to meet your hungry stomach.


Tibetan meal. Tibetan food, is a kind of food of ethnic minorities, many categories, good taste, loved by tourists, butter tea, butter cake, highland wine these are the standard collocation of Tibetan food, accustomed to Sichuan flavor, may wish to go to Hailuogou for a taste, feel the national customs, taste the different food, that feeling must be very good oh.


Red-Cooked Chicken Have you ever tried roast chicken? Do you want roast chicken? It may as well go to Hailuogou to fill their hungry stomach, Hailuogou chicken, plus a certain amount of spices, and then the use of charcoal fire, fire to water, small fire barbecue, slowly baked with time, that delicious, it is estimated that you will sound drooling.

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