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Tourist accommodation food guide

2018-01-13 04:48:00

Located in the province, the terrain is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. There are 12 species of rare and endangered plants under national and provincial protection. Here are all over the different styles of diaolou small buildings, open rice fields, green waves, curved rivers, dense tall bamboo forest... The latest eight views of overseas Chinese hometown are: the "Wild geese Shadow and bright light" of the Great Scenic Area, the "beautiful shadow" of the park, the "Bird paradise" of the heaven, the "Sichuan Island style" of the Upper and lower Chuandao Beach Tourist Area of Taishan, the "Guifeng Superimposed green" of the Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area, the "Liyuan Spring Dawn" of the Opening Town, and the "Fairyland" of Enping.

1 Attractions


The whole resort is located in the beautiful scenery of the mountain of the mountain, spring, lake, sea in one of the natural scenery and rich underground. It has an area of 150 mu, which combines the traditional culture of the three ethnic groups of China, Europe and Japan. It is composed of the Tang Palace, the Roman Palace and the Dongying Pavilion. The valley integrates the theme of culture, interest, joy and leisure, and is a theme park with the beauty of national architecture, the beauty of mountains, streams, springs and forests, and the beauty of culture and art. Gudou District has Xinyi wine, island villas and international conferences with high-end advanced conference system equipment, and also has a mountain spring swimming pool with an area of 130,000 square kilometers, which is a tourist resort integrating natural scenery, history and culture, entertainment and leisure, fitness activities and business meetings. The resort is located under the Gudou Mountain, where the water is 1.3 million cubic meters of mountain spring lake water, flow per second 0.7 cubic meters of mineral water, at the same time has two different types: similar to the water quality of Huaqing Lake beauty care (hydrogen spring) and health care (ocean); The environment here, the three sides of the two blue lake, the four sides of the breeze a green, "the water is very sunny square, the mountain is also strange." [Ticket information] : Valley price (Monday to Friday) : Men 55 yuan/person, women 50 yuan/person, children 47 yuan/person Weekend price (Saturday to Sunday) : adults 80 yuan/person, children 57 yuan/person Note: only in the valley front desk sales of tickets, other places do not set up sales points. Happy Water World Price (Monday to Friday) : Adults 35 yuan/person, children 25 yuan/person Weekend price (Saturday and Sunday) : Adults 45 yuan/person, children 35 yuan/person Note: Happy Water World admission tickets are only sold at the gate of Happy Water World, no sales points are set up in other places in Gudou



Diaolou was built in the early Qing Dynasty, a large number of construction in the 1920s and 1930s, there are still 1466. These towers were built by overseas Chinese in the old days to defend against bandits and raise funds for overseas Chinese to return home. Low-lying, densely covered river network, often flood worries, its jurisdiction, Taishan, Enping, four counties border, has always been "four no" said, the social order is more chaotic. Therefore, in the late Ming Dynasty, villagers built diaolou to prevent waterlogging and bandits. After the Opium War in 1840, a large-scale fight broke out between locals and foreigners, and everyone was in danger. At this time, the Western countries in China's coastal areas to recruit Chinese workers to develop gold mines and construction, a large number of people in order to make a living from their homes to go abroad, gradually become a hometown of overseas Chinese. "Returning home", "falling leaves to the root" complex makes most of them earn money after the first thought is to send money home or personally return to do "three things" : buy land, build a house, marry a wife. As a result, the construction of overseas Chinese houses reached its peak in the 1920s and 1930s. [Transportation] : Through the famous Diaolou, residential attractions frequent shuttle bus, Yi temple to Magang shuttle bus through: Liyuan, Zicun village group; Yi temple to Jinji bus through: Majianglong village group. From Junan, you can take a bus, take a bus at Daliang Bus Terminal, get off at Shuikou (Yici) station. The fare is 40 yuan and it takes two and a half rides. There are 4 classes every day, departure time is 8:00, 12:00, 13:40, 18:10 [Ticket information] : The scenic spots have been implemented joint ticket, including four scenic spots: Liyuan 60 yuan, Zicun Diaolou Group 50 yuan, Movie City 20 yuan, Ma Jianglong Diaolou Group 50 yuan. A joint ticket costs 130 yuan, takes you to four scenic spots and is valid for two days. In addition to the four classic joint tickets, you can also buy two joint tickets of Ma Jianglong and Diaolou Group of Zili village, the ticket price is 90 yuan, but only to issue receipts, no official tickets. The ticket office in Majianglong Village is usually unstaffed before 9 a.m., meaning there is no place to buy tickets. Rui has no official ticket office, and to enter the building, you need to pay some money to the local villagers downstairs. Now the asking price has gone up to $30, but you can haggle, depending on your skills and the day's business.



The former residence of Liang Qichao is the place where Liang Qichao, a famous political figure of the late Qing Dynasty and the master of Chinese studies, was born and lived in his youth. It is a national cultural relic protection unit. The former house was originally built with a high wall of blue bricks and gray tiles, but now it has added a statue and exhibition room of Liang. The exhibition room stores some precious relics and works of Liang, exhibits a large number of photos of Liang's life and plays a documentary film of Liang's life. [Transportation] : It can be reached by District 1 bus. [Ticket information] : 20 yuan END

2 Accommodation Recommendation

The accommodation conditions in each city and district are quite mature. The best choice of autumn and winter accommodation resort, the city has from one star to five star wine, the price from dozens of yuan to two or three hundred yuan.



Kangqiao Resort is located in the beautiful scenery, the beautiful environment of Taishan town Langnan Tongluo Village, the resort north of the existing natural village, the east and south of the green hills surrounded by a winding river from the valley to the beautiful village, crystal clear water quietly lying under the river, smoke wrested, like a fairyland. It has become a dream tourist resort. [Ticket information] : Ticket: 138 yuan (children: 1.1m or less free; 1.1-1.4m children 69 yuan; No preferential tickets for students, soldiers and the elderly) [Opening hours] : Opening hours: 8:00 ~ 1:00 END of the next day

3 Food Recommendations


Rice flour is a unique food in the Eunpyeong region. It is made from rice. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, rice flour is the staple food in the northern part of Enping County. When you eat with boiling water, into the soup, it becomes a unique style of wrasse flour. The rice flour is mixed with white sugar shochu, which has another flavor. Enping's famous hometown dishes include fried fish at Black Bean, cabbage soup, clam rice, chicken and so on, which are simple and delicious. Fish grow in Enping mountains mountain streams, the difference is that it grows to a forefinger length will not grow, mountain streams grow fish is very sweet, fried with white porridge white rice, fresh and delicious. Orange peel banquet. Local people have used orange peel as a raw material for cooking. Because of its special fragrance and medicinal value, they can produce dishes such as duck soup with orange peel, dried fish cooked with orange peel, and ribs with orange peel. END