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Three ancient poems on June 27 Wanghu floor drunk book meaning

2018-05-14 19:12:49

The meaning of the three ancient poems on June 27 Wanghu Lou drunk book one of the black clouds rolling like overturned ink inkstone and distant mountain entanglement. After a while, my boat suddenly more than a few pearls disorderly string, it is the tyranny of the rain. A strong wind came from the ground, blowing away all the rain. When I escaped to Wanghu upstairs, drinking and chatting, what I saw was blue sky and blue water. The second fish and turtle, the courage is really not small, but follow the visitors to run. The lotus, no one to take care of, but also open fluttering and shaking. Have a drink. I'll be drunk on the boat. The water is my pillow, the mountains are begging me. The moon circled and nagged in front of the ship. Its three black water chestnut, white Gordon Euryale seed, here is very common; Green water cane, messy leaves, like the carved rice wrapped in a green plate. Suddenly remembered the last time in the capital of a Taoist temple taste. It seems that I am stranded in the countryside now. I should take care of my health and have a meal. A black cloud turned over the ink did not cover the mountain, white rain jumping beads into the ship. The wind suddenly blew away, and the water below the lake was like the sky. Second, let the fish and turtles go one by one, and the lotus flowers bloom everywhere. Water pillow can make the mountain tilt, the wind ship and the moon bae back. Its three black white starch regardless of money, wild mushroom wrapped green plate. Sudden memory taste spirit view, stay extra meal. Three, the author of the Northern Song Dynasty Su Shi expanded information 1, appreciation of the first poem about the boat saw, described the beautiful rain scene; The second poem describes the scene of a boat cruise on the lake, showing the interest of swimming on the boat; The third poem describes the wild plants themselves, implying that they hope to be reused by the court again. Second, the creation of the background of Song Shenzong Xining five years (1072), the author in office. On June 27 of this year, he visited, saw the wonderful color of the lake on the boat, and then went to the Wanghu upstairs to drink, and wrote these five seven words. Su Shi (January 8, 1037 - August 24, 1101), styled Zizhan, also styled Hezhong, styled Tieguan Daoist, lay shi, born in Meizhou (today's province and city), Han nationality, was a famous writer, calligrapher and painter in the Northern Song Dynasty. In the second year of Emperor Renzong Jiayou, Su Shi was appreciated by the examiner Mei Yaochen and recommended to Ouyang Xiu. Ouyang Xiu is also very appreciated, want to be promoted to the first, but afraid of the article for his protege Zeng Gong made, in order to avoid suspicion, listed as second. It turned out that the paper was written by Su Shi after the paper was unwrapped. When it came to the reexamination of the Ministry of Rites, Su Shi again took the Spring and Autumn Annals to Yi as the first. As for the content of "On the Greatest of Punishment and Reward Loyalty and Kindness", the examiner did not know its allusions at that time, so Ouyang Xiu asked Su Shi what the code was. Su Shi answered in the Biography of Kong Rong in the Annals of The Three Kingdoms. Reference source: Encyclopedia - Su Shi Reference source: Encyclopedia - June 27 Wanghu Tower drunk book five