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The limited edition Lamborghini, the only Lamborghini speedboat in the world, cost tens of millions of dollars to transform

2018-03-13 16:00:00

When it comes to Lamborghini, everyone will first think of the powerful bull on the logo, which represents the characteristics of Lamborghini sports cars with high horsepower and high performance. Today, we are going to introduce a speedboat modified by the 50th anniversary limited edition Lamborghini, and we should know that this limited edition model is only 100 units in the world.


Due to the car and good gas, a whim decided to combine sports cars and yachts into one, and asked the world's famous hull design personally.


The Lamborghini Yacht was born, the only one of its kind in the world.


From a sports car to a yacht, it is simply a qualitative change process, but the owner does not want to lose the 50th anniversary limited edition of its own domineering, in color, shape, steering wheel, cockpit, seat interior and other aspects, all restore the original style of Lamborghini LP720-4!


Whether it is color, shape, steering wheel, cockpit, seat interior, Lamborghini figure! Look at the interior and the seats, and you can tell it's been modified with Lamborghini parts.


The seat uses 2+4 mode, the general Lamborghini sports car can only ride 2 people, this Lamborghini speedboat can ride 6 people!


Powered by a 9-litre racing engine, it reaches a staggering 2,700 horsepower and an amazing speed of 300 kilometers per hour! Of course, as long as the rich like, do not ask the price, just the engine modification, spent $400,000.


The headlights on the front and rear of the car perfectly restore the personality lighting effect of the Lamborghini supercar. Such a speedboat galloping on the sea, like a Lamborghini galloping on the sea.


Of course, the cost of such a beautiful thing is not cheap, all the modification cost of up to 1.8 million US dollars, roughly calculated, this modification fee can buy 36 Audi Q7! Can only sincerely sigh: money is good!