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The beautiful scenery of Ningxiang is endless

2018-01-13 00:00:00

Ningxiang mountain show, outstanding people, nature is a good source of leisure travel, please come with me to enjoy Ningxiang beautiful, magical, charming natural scenery. Ningxiang covers an area of 2906 square kilometers, with a population of 1.3 million, 30 kilometers away from the city, close to the most economically developed Changzhutan city group, Shaoshan in the west, Shaoshan in the south, and Dongting Lake in the north. Ningxiang has a long history. As early as three or four thousand years ago, our ancestors established an ancient civilization represented by bronze smelting and planting here. After many generations of vicissitudes of wind and rain, this ordinary farmhouse has also experienced brilliant and bumpy years with Comrade Shaoqi, but it still basically maintains the original style more than 120 years ago. The poet Xiao SAN, one of the leaders of the Chinese revolution and the former residence of He Shuheng, praised him as -- "doing things without giving up and bearing heavy burdens, and feeling is a heap of fire." "Die a heroic death with a high moral character." 7. Yellow Wood Reservoir, the original body of the lake (the largest earth dam project in China). The lake at the foot of Mount Wei is connected with a large green field -- double 10. Evening - the reservoir scenery, like water. 11. Mount Wei -- filled with infinite reverie 12. Another person relaxed and happy -- the foot of Mount Wei 13. Good magical waterfall 14. The wind blows grass low to see cattle and sheep, mountains and rivers are a total of one color 15. Flying boulders - Ling 16. Weishan first - is the world, natural oxygen bar. Can admire towering ancient trees, Xiushui; Can smell murmuring streams, birds and flowers; Can realize Zen heart Buddha meaning, cleanse the mind; Can be tasted Weishan tribute tea, Tian home flavor. The building and the natural environment are harmoniously integrated, and the guests are intimately integrated with the green water. Guests here, away from the hustle and bustle, close to the true nature, can make your heart feel a purification, the soul gets a sublimation. 17. Magical Cave - Located in Cuiping Township, Ningxiang County, the "Thousand Buddha Cave" is a karst cave formed 360 million years ago, with complex landforms and a rare cave canyon, with a vertical height of nearly 100 meters. Cuiping Township is located 62 kilometers away from Ningxiang county in the western mountainous area, the territory of the beautiful mountains, high mountains, caves, gorge stream, monkey mountain, juvenile reservoir four scenic spots outline the beauty and splendor of Cuiping. The cave (formerly known as Thirteen Caves) is under a beautiful stone. According to legend, it is composed of thirteen serial holes, so the name thirteen holes. Cave is the most concentrated limestone cave in the region landscape, according to expert analysis of its total length up to 2300 meters, cave valley deep, twists and turns, mysterious. Holes are connected, holes within holes, large holes can hold thousands of people, narrow holes can hold only one person through. The stalactites, stalagmites and stone columns in the cave are in a variety of positions, and the Yin river and waterfall are hidden and colorful. The cave is warm in winter and cool in summer. 18. Miyin Temple - Miyin refers to the introduction of Buddhist Tantra into China from India. Lingyou Zen Master was a senior monk from the Yangshan School of Hengyue, so the temple men said: "Dharma rain comes to Hengyue; The wind of the family lifts up the mountain." According to historical records, Tang and Song dynasties, Miyin Temple covers a vast area, temple, legend of the temple cast a thousand monk pot, Wan Dhao Hongzhong, sound shaking the mountains. Inside and outside Miyin Temple there are many scenes containing stories and legends. There is a high five Zhangs in the temple, around two zhangs of black stone, there are two holes, according to the legend of Pei Xiu's wife Mrs. Chen Buddhist monk, a hole out of oil, a hole out of salt, called oil salt stone. Outside the temple, there are Hui Xin Bridge, Laimu Well, health pool, immortal treasure, Dragon King Well, Luhua Water, mirror rock, Lion Rock, ten thousand people bed, ginkgo containing 枟 and other "ten scenic spots of Mount Wei". Temple surrounding mountains around the water, Lingxiu bell, extraordinary scenery. 19. Huitang -- the total area is 48 square kilometers, the spring water temperature is as high as 89.5℃, the annual average temperature is 16.2-17.6 ℃, the rainfall is moderate and sufficient, the air is fresh, it is a subtropical monsoon climate, the climate is pleasant. Ash soup is one of the three famous high-temperature compounds in China, which has a history of more than 2000 years. The area is 8 square kilometers, rich in water, and has been preliminarily developed with a daily water supply of 3,500 tons. Huitang is a high-temperature alkaline, low-mineralized bicarbonate-sodium fluorosiliceous water with PH value of 9, salinity of 0.222 -- 0.32 / L, and total hardness of 0.387-0.96 de. It contains 29 kinds of trace elements, such as hydrogen sulfide, radon, molybdenum, copper and zinc, which are beneficial to the human body. It is known as "natural medicine spring" and has a miraculous effect on the treatment of a variety of skin diseases and chronic diseases such as arthritis.