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That pit dad love, or not to talk about it!

2018-03-14 11:12:35

We only enjoy the sweetness of love, but without the protection of marriage, where will love last forever? Feelings this thing is difficult to say, into the society no money no house no car, love also need to invest, the material reality let us realize that love can not PK. Love is not reliable, you may wish to compare the following six most pit dad love, you talked about how many? 1. Only love does not marry the Internet popular saying "do not marry for the purpose of love is a rogue!" But in the real society, there are some people who like freedom, singing all the way, we want the purity of love, so we only enjoy the sweetness of love. But without the security of marriage, where is the everlasting love? Solution: Let these people have a love journey to enjoy their freedom sweet, after those scenery, eventually they will choose to return to the family, so if you want a result, look for those who are stable, want to marry people. 2. Naked marriage just for saving money Although women in the new era should have a new style, but when a man just wants to get married and get married, he does not give you a big money on the important day of marriage, do you think how much he can value you in the future? Maybe the Internet is right, maybe money doesn't mean anything, but when a guy spends all his money on you, maybe he won't give you up so easily. Because, reluctant! Solution: Tighten his purse, your money is yours, his money is yours. It keeps the money and the people around. Because he doesn't have the money to get laid. There's a saying in the Internet age: "When you look at a screen, you never know if it's a person or a dog on the other side." So, don't be tempted by the unknown creature on the other side of the computer. Because you don't know whether it is the occasional lonely vent or true confession. Solution: Be sure to come to reality, that is the real love. Not together, not enjoying tender moments, who knows what he is doing on the other end of the network? Bring him down to earth. 4. The small ambiguity of love offic, relative every day, when people don't have much time to get along at the moment, it may be a hotbed of love. But what was the result? People do not know, perhaps blossom, one person is going to leave; Perhaps invisible to become a small three, the upper is good, not on the shoulders of the curse, in short, more than worth the loss. Solution: The rabbit does not eat the grass near the nest? Maybe it's better to eat on the grass. But just don't keep it fresh. 5. Although long-distance relationship distance is said to produce beauty, there is also a famous Internet saying that maybe distance not only has beauty, but also small three, the network, the love may be touching, but what do you do when you have a lot of time? What about when you have an emergency and you need company? Maybe the mistress will slowly appear. Solution: Try to find a person around you, resist a gas tank, change a light bulb, even if you find a shoulder to lean on, you can also feel a hint of warmth? He might be more practical than the one far away. 6. Go straight to the theme of one night stand now the white-collar pressure is really big, also very busy, busy to no time to use run-in feelings, perhaps the one night stand to more real, temporarily find a stranger to accompany you to drink, play romance, anyway, no pressure, random, fun, but after dawn? Perhaps facing more loneliness. Even if it is a successful love, it only ends up in a heart not at ease, who knows if he will find other people? Solution: If we are honest people, we will stay away from these people, let them play with them, and we will live a practical life. If we're the kind of people who can play, just be careful not to leave internal injuries. True love cannot be hurt. Epilogue: People do not know how many times in their life to talk about love, is true love, maybe only once maybe many times. Love this thing, the most gorgeous, the most dazzling, the most sweet, but also the most pit dad. Small three, the proliferation of one-night stands, have made love into a pit father game, pit father love, let people impossible to guard against ah.