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Ten whitening keys to make your whiteness easier

2018-03-15 22:24:51

Since people's beauty king big S said that white toilet paper is not enough, to be as white as a fluorescent lamp, then we ordinary women must at least have the pursuit of white lime water. Therefore, everyone is collecting all kinds of whitening recipes, internal, external, the face as a test field does not matter, the key to white.


Although there is no advertisement that says "the mother with spots is ugly" so bad, but after all, people still appreciate the pure white flawless white skin, there are some spots on the above, even if white, it is not so pure, and the more white, the more stains like spots. Therefore, freckle whitening is the first thing, to the skin white evenly transparent, in order to laugh whitening arena.


Whitening ingredients all say that women are emotional, but now women consume more and more rational, especially the big things related to "face", it is not careless. How do whitening products whiten skin? What is the principle of whitening? What are the ingredients and is it safe? Women are becoming more and more concerned about whitening ingredients in the purchase of whitening products. Whitening ingredients must be natural and effective, easy to be absorbed by the skin, no toxic side effects.


Natural whitening may be used more chemical products, women began to pay attention to natural whitening maintenance products, milk, aloe vera, and coix seed powder, angelica powder and other traditional Chinese medicine whitening powder, after blending as a mask to use, or directly lemon, cucumber and other pieces on the face. However, some experts believe that the effective ingredients of natural products can not be fully absorbed by the skin, and even cause allergies and inflammation.


The process of whitening and moisturizing is actually a cleaner process for the skin, and removing the aging cuticle will make the skin dry, and dry skin is easy to produce melanin, so it is necessary to supplement nutrition and water in time. Moisturizing can also be said to be the basic work that any skin needs to do, how to make both whitening and moisturizing is also a topic of concern for people.


Bright white healthy white, should be able to reveal the bright white. In order to reveal the brilliance from the deep skin, it is necessary to clear the melanin in the skin and open the inner brilliance of the skin.


Whitening food can eat whitening food has gradually become a new attempt to whiten. Pearl powder, milk, almonds, etc., if the segment is higher, you should eat only white and light colored things like Big S, and do not eat dark foods.


Whitening is to make the skin glow from the inside out, but also from the outside in to protect the skin from external irritation damage. Sun protection is the number one thing you must do all year round.


Whitening essence Why essence in the series of products is always the smallest capacity, the most expensive product, because it is the essence, so its effective ingredient concentration can be dozens of times higher than the milk and cream in the series of products, essence is often the product of the latest technology crystallization of beauty brands, so expensive is also expensive and valuable. Younger people can buy moisturizing essence, a little older people can consider anti-aging essence, and those with facial spots must try whitening essence.


Whitening mask Whitening mask is also an essential part of whitening products, its role is quite a milk bath to the skin on the face, can soothe the skin, and let the skin in a relaxed state to better absorb whitening ingredients.


Detoxification and whitening overwork, increased psychological pressure, abnormal daily work and rest, unbalanced diet and other conditions will cause cells to produce more waste, so that the epidermal cells lose their original vitality and regenerative ability, so that the skin appears dull, no, and gradually lose elasticity. Therefore, detoxification and whitening are also a very popular concept of whitening. Detoxification and whitening mainly recommends that people eat more detoxification foods such as fruits and vegetables to discharge toxins from the inside out and make the skin whiten again.