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Supply chain electronic contract application solutions

2018-04-14 08:00:13

Application requirements: For companies with many suppliers and distributors, the number of contracts and orders that need to be signed every year is thousands, even tens of thousands, so many contracts using the traditional contract approval and signing methods, not only inefficient, high contract printing costs, higher mailing costs, years of accumulation of paper contracts storage also needs to spend a small amount of storage costs And it is not easy to understand and query. With the increasing degree of enterprise informatization, it is an inevitable trend for enterprise supply chain to realize paperless network, and electronic contract becomes an inevitable choice. Scheme design: In order to meet the mutual verification of electronic contracts between the member units of the enterprise supply chain, it is necessary to provide a unified electronic signature service for the supply chain. Key points of the construction of the supply chain electronic signature certification platform :1) One of the solutions: self-built electronic signature system. The core enterprises of the supply chain build their own electronic signature certification service platform, and other supply chain members only need to install the signature client to stamp the contract approval form and electronic contract. The platform is composed of electronic seal management and certification deployed in the computer room of the core member units and electronic signature software on the client side according to the chapter. The electronic seal management and certification system is managed and controlled by the core unit, which may make other members of the supply chain insecure. 2) Solution 2: Use the electronic signature certification service provided by a third-party service provider. All enterprises in the entire supply chain choose the e-signature service provided by the e-signature certification cloud service platform, and the core member units do not need to build, manage and maintain the e-signature certification platform. Each enterprise only needs to pay the annual service fee on demand. This model has better credibility, and the core members are in a completely equal position with other members, and there is no initial construction fee. The electronic signature of the enterprise registration can also be used in other supply chains, so that enterprises can sign contracts and orders with all members of the platform as long as they have an electronic seal of the platform. 3) The electronic contract file format must be in PDF file format, because PDF file is safe and trustworthy, and the format can be read in different operating systems and readers. Solution features: The electronic signature application solution in the electronic contract can choose the self-built electronic signature authentication platform, or the services provided by the e-signature authentication cloud service platform. The use of ATCOM's proprietary PDF technology eliminates copyright costs associated with the use of Adobe Adobe Professional software. The signed contract complies with the PDF standard digital signature specification, and the document security can be read and verified with AdobeReaderV7.0 or above. Application effect: Through the use of electronic contracts in the whole supply chain can standardize the contract approval process, improve the efficiency of contract approval and signing, greatly save the cost of contract printing, mailing and storage, save a lot of paper, is conducive to environmental protection. Successful cases: Unilever (Unilever) Limited, Yulong Communication Co., LTD., Dagong Electronic Technology Co., LTD.