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Sports Music for Summer Which sports headphones should you get?

2018-01-12 12:48:00

Large movement, some headphones will affect their attention, concentrate on the exercise, to keep distracted fiddling with their headphones, so that the exercise process is very uncomfortable. Therefore, wireless Bluetooth headphones have become the best choice for many sports enthusiasts to wear, this type of headphones are divided into sports Bluetooth headphones and the main sound quality of music Bluetooth headphones, which in the purchase of sports Bluetooth headphones in wearing, we will use the comfort, safety, waterproof ability and wear the solidity of the headset in sports as the main consideration. So what's worth getting into? Let me share with you today,


Sports Bluetooth headset

Step 1:5 product introductions

Beissi hanging ear sports headset s17 Bluetooth 5.0, fast transmission speed, IPX5. Waterproof sports worry free, play "Two Steps From Hell - Victory", mezzo and treble can interpret the pure and pollution-free state of this song, bass thick, impeccable sound quality, This is of great importance with the product HIFI non-destructive noise reduction, soft silicone with flexible slow rebound characteristics, high wearing comfort, neck hanging design, fixed back of the brain does not fall, most worth mentioning, this product uses a 60-degree tilt ear design, not only to improve wearing comfort, the most important thing is to enhance the sealing plug, effectively isolate the noise, Suitable for outdoor sports, listening to music for up to 7 hours.


Beats X sports headphones use magnetic earplugs to prevent tangles and make them easier to carry, specially designed cables with flexible fit are suitable for wearing throughout the day, and a variety of earplugs in different sizes can further ensure stability. The headset can connect to all Bluetooth-enabled devices within 10 meters, allowing you to move freely and do what you want.


If you have enough money and don't like headphones with cords, then you can try to buy this Doctor SoundSport Free sports wireless headphones. This headset weighs only 9 grams, uses shark fin ergonomics, can seamlessly fit both ears, whether jogging, or hard exercise in the gym, can ensure the comfort and stability of exercise.


Huawei Bluetooth Headset AM60 Huawei Bluetooth Headset AM60 supports Bluetooth 4.1, can be fast and stable connection, 10 meters to enjoy the call and music experience, built-in CSR chip, with Apt-X digital audio compression algorithm, can provide you with high quality music, polymer composite diaphragm +LC-OFC copper conductor + unique sound cavity design, It can guarantee the dynamic sound field, give high-quality fidelity signal, achieve low frequency sound, medium frequency sound is soft, and the sense of layer is strong, even if the intense movement can feel the clear music sound.


JBL and UA brand jointly launched a sports Bluetooth headset, using a collar design, the appearance is simple and low-key. Unlike other collar headphones, the JBL buttons are made of large rubber treatment, which makes it easy for sports people to exercise blind. And in order to meet the needs of many night sports, JBL X UA has added LED light design behind the collar to improve the safety of night sports.

Step 2: Summarize

Running while listening, on the one hand, we will feel that the music will improve our mood, simple running is not so boring, but remember that when exercising, do not turn on the music too much, and listening to songs at a large volume is very serious for hearing damage, which will cause memory loss and even the risk of deafness. In addition, we should choose to wear the most comfortable and firm pair of ear mugs before listening to the song, so that not only can ensure that the earphones do not leak and do not fall when bumpy, but also make your ears do not have an obvious sense of pressure. Please choose the right earmuffs before listening to the music. With or without music, I hope you can get up, get out, and move every day while you're in college!