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Spirit of the sword 10VS10 of the colorful stone skills explain

2018-04-16 00:00:52

Spirit of the sword 10VS10 of the colorful stone skills explain.


Spirit of the sword 10VS10 of the colorful stone skills explain


The Sword of the Spirit


Multicolored stone


Colorful stone, the hero of the later period, if the early stage can get up, the later stone is very scary, and the flesh shield and damage have been. Godzilla is the most overbearing skin of Stone, and it's probably an exaggeration to say that all heroes are the most overbearing.


In the ability value setting, the spell attack is very high, that is to say, the color in the spell damage can cause very high damage. Viability is low, but not enough to negate its shield effect.


Meteor Meteor, Q skill, is the main output skill of the five, is also the only active skill, cooldown is short 3s, causing more and more damage in addition to the group attack damage. Very powerful weapon in the late regimental war.


W Skill, chaos return. Actively increase the movement speed, and can reduce the movement speed of a certain range of enemies, while stimulating the two-tier effect of the big move. Can be used to chase people, escape, etc., only Q and W are active skills, so it is not so troublesome to operate down. As long as you understand the passive effect of the two moves behind, you can not pit the use of colorful stone this hero.


E Skill, Passive, Essence of Stone, increased status, is to increase the speed of defense and health recovery. This fated multicolored stone can hit the flesh shield.


Big move, passive, increase the damage reduction shield, and receive 400 damage can automatically launch a Q skill, but cool 8S, generally according to this degree, within 8s, at most 4 or 5 times the Q effect.