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Small Wutong mountain climbing guide

2018-03-14 12:48:00

Small Wutong Mountain is the second highest peak, located in the north of Wutong Mountain. Because it is closer to residential areas than the big Indus, it is popular with local residents. This guide will introduce the introduction of small wutong from the Liantang mountain entrance to the mountain.


Backpack (must), hiking shoes or military glue (must), long-sleeved quick-drying clothes, rain gear (must), gloves, personal garbage bag, sunscreen, (with spare batteries), please prepare a set of replacement clothes;


Personal medicines: ten drops of water, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, wind oil essence, falling medicine, hemostatic patch, etc.;


Food: starchy food (bread, eight-treasure porridge, etc.), meat food (such as ham sausage, etc.), salt (or mustard), jerky (or meat breast),1 lunch and spare food;


The best uphill crossing for the little Wutong is at Liantang, east of the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden. Below is the photo of the hill crossing.


After Liantang, there is a long stone staircase up the hill. Uphill more tired, the weak pay attention to rest. Pay attention to eat a good breakfast before going up the mountain, do not go up the mountain on an empty stomach, easy to appear hypoglycemia.


After seeing the sign below, congratulations you have completed one third of the road of the small Indus, success is in sight, come on. The scenery of the mountain is also good, don't rush, have time to see the scenery below the mountain.


Continue up the stairs and you will see the second sign, congratulations, you have completed half of the journey!


This TV tower is the building on the top of the hill of the small Wutong hill, when you see this, congratulations, the top of the hill is in front of you.


There are tourists on the small Wutong mountain, you can enjoy yourself and have a good rest ~

Matters needing attention

Try not to carry metal, plastic and other non-soluble packaging food, the garbage generated by the activity will be taken away, do not pick the forest plants, so that "leaving only your beautiful memories, taking away only your photos and garbage;