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Short film dubbing tutorial Short film score tutorial

2018-03-14 00:00:00

There are many DIY graduation videos, wedding MV, birthday MV, micro movies and other videos on the Internet. Then how to edit the short film they shot and add their favorite music as the background music, you can see below.


Beaver nest video short film dubbing software


Open the software, select "Edit" → Add media file, import the video and sound to the software, and then drag the video file to the lower video track with the mouse.


There will be sound in the video file, then we can remove the video sound, right-click the material, select "mute" in the drop-down menu, so that in the lower left of the video will see a small speaker hit a cross, this is the mute sign.


Then drag the music file to the music track below as well.


Sometimes, the concert is too long or other reasons need to be cut, you can put the ruler at a certain point in time, right-click the mouse music, select "split material" in the drop-down menu, in the back of the music, select and press the keyboard "Delete" key can be deleted, very simple operation.


Edit finished, now comes the last step, is also a very critical step oh, export the video! Select "Share" → Create video file, select a desired format and output path → Save. There are many formats to choose from.