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sd up to g Century p Walkthrough

2018-03-13 17:36:00

The game has been accompanying our growth, the following is a small series to teach you how to play the game, I hope you can have a good game experience ~





Domon must reach level 30 before level 18, or it will not be able to appear "Undefeated", read the file again after the explosion will appear to sweep the remnants of the enemy event, rope behind the enemy appears a few maps casually rope the enemy after 3 times appear special level 1 "The Last Winner" (W plot) battle to let Hero, Lane, and Xiya and Sykes [Jegus] battle dialogue, In the ordinary mode, all the enemy is finished, sp mode dialogue directly broke the mother ship, W final words occurred, and then passed.


Once again, the enemy appeared 8 times in the special level 2 [Shadow of the Dead] in the normal mode to destroy the enemy is finished, SP mode after the arrival of our reinforcements, Shaya and Haman to hand over the letter so that after the clearance of Haman to join the team, after the enemy reinforcements, any person and S for the first time as high as the mandatory hit rate of 0.


After all the enemy reinforcements, the two brothers in X Gundam appeared, while Sykes drove Abian appeared. This is all, it is recommended that the normal mode is finished, and the SP mode is directly opened after the archive. The main difference when SP mode is enabled is that a new airframe can be introduced, trial Model Jim, which is piloted by Uncle Mu in the first level.


Aslan is in the 17th level, when Kruzet and Aslan appear at the same time, Kruzet becomes a third party force, don't let Aslan be shot down, and then use Kira to deliver the letter and destroy it, by the way, let Moo is beaten by Kruzet to empty blood will occur when Moo and Kruzet death battle plot.


Moo suspected death, Kruze death, although the loss of a driver, but the late strong driving a lot, the loss of one is not particularly important, and there are 415 experience bonuses.

Matters needing attention

Although the game is good, don't indulge