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Registration process, no address no lease contract open basic account

2018-03-14 11:12:00

1. No address registration? Most entrepreneurs at the time of registration, when asked if there is a registered address to provide, will think that the registered address casually write an address is good, where will the whole accident! 2. What is no address registration? Simply put, "no address" means that there is no need for a real office address, as long as it is an address that can receive letters from the Industry and Commerce Bureau. 3, the importance of public accounts Many entrepreneurs say: "I open as long as the business license, do not need to public accounts." Weak weak ask a word, you do not open a public account, what is the use of business license? To show off your wealth? To prove you're the CEO? The public account is mainly used for transactions between enterprises, followed by withholding taxes.


Open a public account without a lease contract


Registration process


1. Registration: Name (prepare two or three spare), registered address (residential or residential can also be, no address can also be provided by financial agents, 17 years of new policy related to real estate development and real estate brokerage industry need to provide site proof), registered capital (subscription system, in addition to specific industries, generally do not need to check the capital), business scope (refer to peers, Related to food, production, processing, etc., need to apply for the relevant license), the share distribution ratio of all shareholders (shareholders negotiate well, each person can only register a natural person sole proprietorship enterprise,), the identity information of legal persons, shareholders, supervisors (ID card copies or photos), the personal bank of legal persons, shareholders, supervisors (for commercial registration, the whole network process, Personal online banking U shield is required for online signature.)


Second, the registration process: review the name - submit the information - get the license - engraved time is generally 5-7 working days or so. 1, open a public account, see if you need to decide whether to open. Need to authenticate the enterprise shop, Amazon, public account, invoice, go to the public account, etc., you need to open a public account. Basic households, general households, etc. belong to the public account, basic households can only open one, general households can open multiple. Basic accounts can transfer money and withdraw cash; Ordinary accounts can only transfer money, can not withdraw cash.


According to different bank conditions are also different, but also according to your own conditions on the appropriate arrangement of sub-branches, so far only on the side of the public account to implement the housing record lease contract, appointment time to open an account (can choose banks according to their own needs, four bank outlets, convenient,) required information: (1) license original, copy (three cards in one); (2) Seal: public, financial, private seal, (3) original legal person certificate (4) The red lease contract, if not, you can also find the agent to submit the information, the branch will raise your information to the people's license, this needs to wait for about 15 working days

Matters needing attention

Register down whether there is no business, there is no business, there is no public account, you need to do the account tax


Qianhai, points, self-employed people do not need a lease contract to open a public account