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Registration conditions and required materials

2018-03-14 16:00:00

Now a lot of the city, the general registered size to more than 3 words will be relatively easy to register successfully. One of the conditions for registration is to determine the choice of registered business scope, that is, the industry and the content of the business. On the issue of registered capital, there is no upper limit requirement for registered capital at present, generally to the size of the business and economic strength to xuan 蕚 the amount of registered capital, in order to suit the development of their own enterprises.


It is not that the higher the registered capital, the better, the registered capital is too large for enterprises with no economic strength to repay, and the situation involving claims and debts will be more troublesome in the future.


As a model city of special economic zones, many policies have great support and help for newly registered enterprises, including e-commerce, financial industry, information and service industry, manufacturing and so on. Qianhai Free Trade Zone encourages the diversification of foreign investment and optimizes the structure of foreign investment, providing support services for the business address of enterprises, and one address can register multiple residences.


The number of shareholders in the registration conditions is generally 1-50 for limited liability shareholders. If the shareholder involves overseas persons, it shall be handled in accordance with foreign capital registration, and the identity information of the shareholder and the online bank are all necessary materials for registration. The registered business address is generally a commercial office building or a residential room or room for commercial and residential purposes, and the pure residential address can not be used as a business address.


The materials that can be obtained after registration are: 1. A copy of the business license; 2. Tax notice sheet; 3. Articles of Association; 4. Trust agreement; 5. Public wealth and private property

Matters needing attention

The above content is written by Manager Yang of Tenbo International according to actual experience, please do not reprint without permission!