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Recommended by foreign teachers! Great site for learning English pronunciation and grammar

2018-01-11 17:36:00

Want to learn English lively? Get the latest English abstracts? Follow Xiaobian to take a look at the following websites.

Website recommendation

Founded in 1942, VOA is one of the most famous Chinese language broadcasters in the world. The recording content is varied, you can prioritize the listening related to your major or interest. Step by step exercise. You can visit the official site for this. Download the latest recording. At the same time, you can also download the translation and subtitles of the recording. After repeated reading, you will soon get rid of the predicament of Chinglish.


BBC Language is a language learning project by BBC Radio in the United Kingdom, which is not only English, but also the relevant learning materials of many languages such as German, Italian and French are constantly updated. The curriculum is clear. It is a good place to learn foreign languages, especially those who are fascinated by British accents. Official website: or visit the site:


NPR (National Public Radio) is a publicly funded, partially funded, but independently operated, non-commercial American media outlet founded on February 24, 1970 (replacing the Educational Radio Network) and launched in April 1971. The programs are mainly news, reviews and interviews, and there are also some cultural and entertainment programs such as music and talk shows. The number of listeners is estimated at about 20 million.


Breaking newsEnglish.com is an English news website, but this website is mainly for beginners, the difficulty of recording is divided into different levels for everyone to choose to use.


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