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Recommend a fully functional pension system

2018-05-08 16:00:37

Due to the intensified aging in China, the elderly care has become a topic of concern to everyone, and a lot of new management systems serving the elderly care industry have been added to the market. Today, I will introduce a pension platform that I personally think is more comprehensive - the CCB Peace of Mind comprehensive service platform for the elderly. Anxin Elderly care is a platform to provide comprehensive elderly care services. Construction of home-based, community-supported, institutional supplement, medical care combined elderly service system, to create a G+B+C end of the full ecological elderly care system, civil affairs as the core, user-based, based on civil needs to expand to elderly care institutions services and personal applications. At present, the platform has completed the construction of a new service model of "Internet + elderly care", supports the new consumption field of "elderly care service + industry", and will continue to enrich its applications to meet the new formats of elderly care services, create a multi-level intelligent elderly care service system, and is committed to planning a better life for you!

The main functions of the pension platform

The "Peace of Mind Elderly Care Platform" sets up a platform for elderly care institutions with strong elderly care business and information technology to solve outstanding problems such as the serious shortage of elderly care beds in current institutions, uneven service quality and service standards, low quality of elderly care, and no complete service system from financial to non-financial. The platform introduces pension service providers, provides pension planning and investment and financial services, builds a pension ecosystem, attracts pension institutions, and pension service providers to participate in the service operation of the platform, and provides differentiated services according to different demands of the elderly, children, institutions, and service providers. In addition to the functions of accommodation, health, operation, charging, reception and ability assessment of the elderly, the elderly institution can also facilitate the interaction of the elderly's children with the elderly in various aspects of the elderly's life through the APP. At the same time, financial functions are added to enable the elderly to enjoy financial services such as CCB financial settlement on the platform. Fully meet the needs of elderly care institutions. END


This information comes from experience

Peace of mind pension port introduction

Asan comprehensive service platform for the elderly helps the elderly care industry, breaks through the financial field of the elderly care industry, extends the industrial chain related to the elderly care industry and the elderly care service industry, and is committed to providing professional "one-stop purchase" comprehensive services for the elderly. The platform is based on CCB's public cloud and utilizes modern communication technologies such as big data, the Internet and the Internet of Things to build a four-in-one comprehensive ecosystem of "financial institutions, pension institutions and retirees". The institutional side of the peace of mind pension platform: supports a variety of pension models such as home care, community care, and institutional care, and introduces intelligent information management models for institutional care and community care to improve the quality and efficiency of health care services. It mainly includes 16 functions such as institutional operation management, elderly management, elderly health management, care service, and check-in management. The government side of the peace of Mind elderly care platform: support the civil affairs department in the licensing of elderly care institutions and the evaluation and supervision of nursing homes, achieve the access and service approval of service providers, and assist in the stable, efficient and standardized development of diversified elderly care industry. It mainly includes 8 functions, such as pension institution management, pension service enterprise management, subsidy management, elderly management, volunteer service management and call management. The application side of the Peace of Mind pension platform: relying on the "Jianyi Life" APP, it provides professional "one-stop shopping" comprehensive pension services to elderly customers, fully covering the seven dimensions of the elderly's clothing, food, housing, transportation, medical, emotional and financial needs, including support for elderly care access, intelligent management of elderly health information, elderly health information viewing and care, children interaction and reminder, financial management, etc. Agency staff can provide services such as receiving orders and timing for caregivers on the client side. END

Peace of mind pension platform advantages

High degree of specialization: Focus on the field of elderly care, providing a complete set of professional systems and solutions. Advanced technical architecture: Construction of the advanced technical architecture of CCB Cloud based on the accumulation of technical experience for many years. Network data security and reliability: Relying on the bank's high security level network security policy, to ensure the high security and reliability of platform network data. END