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qq appeal skills 2014 latest, appeal success certificate appeal receipt number

2018-05-15 14:24:13

Internet number theft Trojan is very dangerous, every day there are many netizens are poisoned, resulting in their own number stolen, we know will appeal, to some novice do not know appeal skills, appeal once failed, and some appeal many times failed. Is it really hard? The following author personally experienced the qq appeal skills 2014 latest methods and qq appeal success credentials are what, let everyone study well, especially novice oh




Appeal website


1. First of all, enter the official website of "appeal", search for "security", and the first one is the official website of the appeal, and the official website logo is also given. As shown below:


2. We go to the security official website and fill in the number we want to appeal. As shown below:


3. Appear to fill in the information, as shown in the following figure: here, all have to fill, do not have to fill, even if fill in the wrong, here are a few important, with asterisks are required to fill in, and then your mailbox is the most important, because after the application is successful, you have to reset the password and security through this mailbox.


4. After filling in the third step, enter your own information to fill in the password you used before, be sure to fill in oh, or is the place you used and application time, now you can casually see the Q age, you can see the Q age in the information. As shown below:


5. Here is the step for you to fill in the secret protection, be sure to fill in, this is also important, do not remember to fill in. As shown below:


6. Finally, it is the step to invite your friends, this step is the most important, is you can appeal the key to success, even if you fill in the front is not good, this step to fill in more than 5 friend invitations, will be successful. So most importantly, you must remember to invite more than 5 friends. As shown below:


7. The complaint usually takes 4 hours, so please wait!


8. After four hours, if the appeal is successful, you will receive the mailbox. If you enter the mailbox, there is the appeal receipt number and the success certificate of the appeal. As shown below:


9. Here to tell you in detail the appeal return number is that you can check the progress during the appeal process, and then after the application is successful, you also need to use the appeal return number. This appeal receipt number represents your ID, this ID represents you are appealing your! As shown below:


10. The appeal success certificate means that after your appeal is successful, it will be in your mailbox, and then you have to set a new password, which must be used when the new secret security, as shown below:

Matters needing attention

I hope to help you, you have any questions can comment on me oh, I will reply to help you solve.


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