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Principles and precautions of purifying humidifier in equipment room

2018-04-14 12:48:27

The machine room purification humidifier, also known as the machine room purification humidifier, is based on the wet film cabinet humidifier foundation, adding independent control of the purification function module, the use of single-chip microcomputer control technology, software and hardware redundancy and fault tolerance design, modular function design, the controller all Chinese LCD display; More functions, easier to use.


Purification function Kawada room purification humidifier is mainly used in communication room, switching room, network room, server room, power room, computer room, archive room, gym, reading room, electronic precision machining workshop and other commercial and industrial fields of environmental air humidification and air purification. (1) Dirty air enters the coarse filter, and particles with a particle size of more than 10 microns are intercepted. (2) The air enters the PC gas filter, and harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ozone and nitrogen oxides in the air are adsorbed. (3) The preliminarily purified air passes through the wet film that is moistened by water, and the water molecules absorb the sensible heat in the air and evaporate to form moist air. (4) The air entering the EC electronic dust collection unit is further purified, and the bacteria in the air are killed. (5) The thoroughly purified air carries negative ions and is returned to the room by the purified humidifier. (6) Optional high-efficiency photohydrogen ion purification unit; Effectively kill harmful microorganisms and decompose volatile organic compounds.


Preliminary work (1) Turn off the power. (2) Unscrew the back plate and remove the backup plate.


Cleaning the filter, replacing the PC gas filter filter maintenance: After a period of use (2-6 months according to the air quality), the filter is saturated with dust, and the air supply is significantly weakened; The filter should be maintained. The maintenance method is as follows: (1) Disconnect the power supply completely. (2) Unscrew the fixing screw of the filter cover plate on the side of the purifier and remove the cover plate. (3) Remove the filter and electronic purification unit from the inside. Before taking out the electronic unit, ground it and release the remaining static electricity. Then pull out and unplug the high voltage cable connector.

Matters needing attention

Don't let the electronics scratch the wires.


Wash metal filter, electronic purification unit and medium effect non-woven filter (thicker), can be used again after drying. Subhigh efficiency filters need to be replaced regularly (6 months -2 years). In order to ensure filtration efficiency, the medium effect filter should be replaced after 2-4 times.