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[Photo] "Goddess of Knife Tower" enemy mage: can play can be the first meat

2018-05-08 11:12:19

"Goddess of Knife Tower" is a planning to take more than a year to develop the first goddess of knife tower card online game, the game's character image will be DOTA hero image in the complete Q version of female body. More knife tower goddess official website, walkthrough,Android version,iPhone Apple version, crack version, download, double head dragon and fire and other professional walkthrough, gift package activation code and novice card to receive and other related information, all in nine tour 9game game!


Knife tower goddess.App


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Recently saw a lot about the goddess of knife tower selection of meat shield guide, I come to sum up, most of it is to feel the first position


Must have a powerful hero to resist damage (beet, dragon, etc.). This is not incorrect, it is natural to take a goddess of power to fight. But I don't think it's detailed enough. Those who have passive resistance to ascension and flash


Can't a quick hero be meat? So are Agile heroes born as outputs? Can't it be meat? Is being flesh worse than being a hero of strength?


This problem is actually reflected in dota, enemy mage. In dota, it's basically half meat. But when it comes to this game, it's definitely not worse than any power hero! Passive and demonic resistance, this in the major groups


The age of flying, is how powerful meat skills, and the proportion of so high, undoubtedly let her survive strong, the other is what?


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


Of course, this kind of quick hero is not only the enemy law, but also our dota super big, void children's shoes, good power growth, plus 2 rounds of cd control, high evasion, and has the ability to play back, so that she also has the ability to resist the advantage of playing, the shortcomings and the enemy law, the early push chart period is completely useless. So a good training of the Goddess of agility doesn't have to lose to the number one goddess of strength.

Matters needing attention

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