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Personally tell you that in the process of home improvement, these lessons you must use

2018-03-15 16:00:43

The autumn and winter season is also a small season of decoration, most owners do not know where to start when decorating, have no clue, then in the decoration process, which are you easy to ignore but also vital? Below take you to understand in detail!


The partition of the shoe cabinet should not be left to the head, leaving a little space so that the ash of the shoes can leak to the bottom layer, install lights above the sink and gas stove, and measure the size. The floor drain is best located on one side of the brick, if it is in the middle of the brick, no matter how inclined the brick, the floor drain will not be the lowest point.


Toilet, air conditioning socket are not designed switch. In particular, the bathroom electric water heater is suitable for a two-stage switch with a plug. It is dangerous to remove the plug if you want to turn off the heat.


Regarding the treatment method of the Yang corner part of the face brick, in the final analysis, it depends on the level of the worker. If the level of mud workers is good, and the level of grinding tiles is better, you should not hesitate to choose a 45 degree Angle. From the effect point of view, as long as the grinding is good, the 45 degree Yang Angle is the most beautiful.


The water pressure test after the discharge is also very important. When testing, everyone should be present, and the test time should be at least 30 minutes, and the conditions permit, the best hour. 10 kilograms of pressure, no reduction at the end of the test to pass.


When the plastic steel door, we must calculate the size of the wall of the plastic steel door frame, and inform the installation personnel, so that the final door frame and the wall of the finished porcelain are flat, so that it is beautiful and good to do health.


When wrapping the door cover, it is necessary to consider whether the ground below (any side of the ground on both sides of the door) should also be pasted with ceramic tiles or other cement mortar leveling things, because if the door cover is nailed before pasting porcelain pieces, it will be wrapped to the ground in the future when cement is used, if the cement and the door cover are stained with it. It will cause the door cover wood to absorb water and mold.


Make sure it breathes under the mattress and between the door panel. Bed board a ah can not use fir board is best, do paint as much as possible paper tape.


Buy lamps should pay attention to: generally choose glass, stainless steel, copper or wooden (shelf), generally do not buy iron above the coating, painting and so on, easy to fade


Wash basin try to use ceramic basin, glass basin is difficult to get hygienic


Water and electricity transformation should be planned by themselves, requiring them to cut grooves in a straight line. I watched them line up, and I had to check every single item.


Waterproof must be done, must test the water


Many of the construction of the verbal agreement has become the gap when the closing, must be written in black and white, the increase or decrease of the project must be the price of the question, write it out.


If the floor is installed, the ground should be made of cement layer and smoothed again


The kitchen door, or to decorate the wooden door to make a wooden rail door, the living room as much as possible to install plugs


There's still a partition outside the shower in the bathroom. Can not save trouble to pull a shower curtain, actually very inconvenient, water all over the ground


The material of the door frame should be selected with fine wood grain


Before installing the cabinet, be sure to determine whether your home's waterway is ok, and don't pick white floor tiles


Special care should be taken to smooth the putty before painting the ceiling. The number of living room lights should not be too much, simple is better


Buy those things that need to be installed as far as possible to require the installation of goods sold, it is not a package of installation, but also must insist on paying the full amount after installation


It is best to remove the protective film of the aluminum gusset plate before installation


Shoe cabinet best use shutter door, deodorant. A socket can be left next to the shoe cabinet for drying shoes


A small light can be set up where the vegetables are cut


If it is convenient, the restaurant can also arrange fans, so that the ceiling of the hall will not be dirty when eating hot pot or doing barbecue


It is best to arrange a cabinet for sundries at the door, which can be placed on the top of the shoe cabinet. It is very convenient to put the commonly used things, such as umbrellas, bags, scissors, change, medicine and so on, there.


Smallpox must use aluminum plate ceiling, suggestions: 1, not too expensive. 2, the use of pure color, especially the kitchen ceiling, pure white is very good, unless the color and decoration style match, otherwise it is easy to discoordinate. 3, catch your own ideas, don't believe the eyes of selling smallpox, their eyes are really soil. 4, staring at the scene, it is very important to close the edge, don't let them sloppy, otherwise leave black cracks, how to look how ugly.


Drill holes and continue to paste tiles, the exhaust holes of the range hood and water heater should be made in advance, if you wait for the porcelain to be affixed and then punch holes, it is inconvenient. Therefore, before decoration, be sure to choose the range hood, stove and water heater, etc., to determine the size of the hole.


After the door cover was finished, the mortar workers began to install plaster lines and plaster the walls. The plaster was polished once and again, and then the primer was brushed, and then the ICI brush was used to paint the whole wall, so that the whole wall looked smooth and even. After the wall ceiling project was completed, the woodworker began to make the wardrobe, which must be well used to ensure lasting durability.


In the tile must pay attention to the following points: ① it is best to be on the scene. ② Some imperfect tiles can allow workers to stick in some invisible positions in the future, behind cabinets, sinks, mirrors, etc., but also pay attention to tiles, waist bricks, etc., do not be stuck in the above position by workers, otherwise, otherwise you will not see anything in the future, but also spend money. ③ Wall tiles and floor tiles must be soaked in water for enough time before being pasted. ④ Be sure to plug the floor drain with something to prevent cement from falling down and blocking. ⑤ People on the scene, workers will not waste too much tile.


A wall is long and high. Such as a bathroom and four walls, each wall must measure out its length and height. Then subtract the area of a window and a door, and finally calculate the area of the ground. After you have measured the size, you can also take it to the facade that sells tile, and they will help you meet it again.


The ceiling light of the bedroom is best double control, one next to the door, one beside the bed, to save the winter lying in bed and then get up to turn off the light.


The position of the socket must be calculated, height, interval. I first hit the location of the steel bar, and then put the cassette found that it was just blocked by the TV cabinet, microwave oven, desk, had to move the position of the first two furniture higher, and finally found that not only the height is not ergonomic, but also can not buy the appropriate stainless steel cabinet feet, had to customize aluminum feet.


Install a lamp at the corner of the aisle, that is, bright and effective, and consider the position of the table when installing the lamp


Bathroom tiles do not use too vegetarian, one is easy to dirty, and the second is too dull for a long time.


The socket should be installed more, the furniture should be bought outside, the ground should be dirty, safety should be considered, the sample room should be looked at more, and the principle should be adhered to.


If you put a cabinet on the top of the balcony and add a layer of foam board on the back of the cabinet insulation and waterproof effect is very good. The balcony cabinet door is best to use the fire-proof board without deformation. Because the balcony environment is bad.


If there is no suitable wood line may wish to customize, customized quality seems better than the sample, and customized more personalized.


Install the door lock should pay attention to lock some wax on the tongue, crash and then wax it is too late. If there is no door suction, pay attention to prevent damage to the hand against the wall.


Bogao floor is very good, the only thing to remind is that directly to the boss to negotiate the price may be better than to negotiate the price with the salesperson


Matte paint is prettier than highlighter paint


If the decoration will use finished putty instead of talcum powder


The installation of the leakage protector and air switch junction box project can not be saved, and not placed outdoors, to be placed indoors, originally want to save money will be used outside the old junction box, electrician suggested indoors for a new, now found his advice is very valuable


The leakage protector and the air switch need a brand name


The basin under the table than the basin elegant, beautiful, easy to clean. Under the basin faucet should pay attention to, taking into account the thickness of the basin edge, the faucet nozzle should be longer


The top corner of the wall is also very beautiful without any modification, but it must be clearly proposed in advance to find the painter's stage, and the top corner spring line helps to make the top corner line straight


On the cement surface of the in-line tank, surface treatment is very important before batching putty, and it is suitable for cleaning the surface of the uneven surface


Plaster is suitable for repairing large holes in the wall, of course, if the hole is too big or need cement


The back of ground glass must be protected from paint, it is difficult to clean


The faucet must be able to switch on the back of the hand, the kind that must use the fingers is not easy to keep clean, and it is difficult to turn the hand when there is oil


You can consider the use of metal sockets on the ground, this socket is very expensive, but very convenient, usually flush on the ground, a foot can pop out the socket. Suitable for large living room. Or installed under the dining room table, used to insert hot pot (to prevent hanging wires when walking back and forth)


Bed starter rack. There's a handle at the end of the bed that flips up to reveal storage space underneath


Impractical double pole towel rack! At present, it is the same as a single pole, and basically will not hang the towel on the inner pole


I think the trash can in the cabinet is not practical enough, so I would like to put it outside. Also do not install the door panel type trash can and countertop trash can, open the cabinet door in the summer will stink, the trash can is still placed outside


The small cabinet next to the restaurant is good, can place some things, very practical and convenient


Mop bucket in terms of performance requirements are not high, you can build your own out, spread and the surrounding environment in line with the tile or Mosaic, both beautiful and save money


The bathroom can be nailed with a nail hook for hanging things. The bathroom is designed with a small kitchen to put clothes, and you no longer have to worry about forgetting to take clean clothes in the bath


Washing machine with drying is really not practical


Do a laundry pool in the washing machine room, used to wash some things by hand, originally thought to use not much, but the laundry pool is really very convenient. Rags, socks, everything


It is really not practical to install the light belt, and it is rarely used after decoration. We just need a guest to use the spotlights. All in all, there really aren't many opportunities to turn on the light belt


The biggest experience is that the simpler the decoration, the better, less pollution, no money, worry


Practical dry goods: a well-designed storage room, a sink for washing dirt on the north balcony, a sink that is different from the washbasin in the bathroom and the sink for washing dishes in the kitchen, a faucet that can be pulled out of the bathroom, a floor that is easy to clean and suitable cleaning tools, and a desk lamp in the kitchen


Buy the toilet must measure the hole distance of their own, or buy and then return it is......


It is best to measure the level before the kitchen and bathroom floor tiles are pasted well and see if the lowest point is the floor drain


Window sill with the Great Wall of pearl stone, is an 800x800 tile, home cut edge, clay paste, the pattern is not radiation


The bathroom shower room must be large enough, and use clear glass, so that it will not be cramped in the shower


Tile pointing should not use mud hook, not a month to become a black seam, ugly dead, to use pointing agent hook


Don't trust designers. Of course, you can visit a few more decoration, from each of the design to extract the really useful things, the key is what you want to decorate your home


If the original developer of the floor drain has installed that kind of deodorant "bowl", do not take it out


After the bathroom floor tiles are pasted, test the water, and immediately rework if the water is slow


When installing the sink, consider the relative position of the mirror, the shelf for the brushing cup, and the towel rack


When buying a mirror, consider the position of the mirror headlight. If you do not want to install the mirror headlight for the time being, the size of the mirror should be able to cover the line reserved for the mirror headlight


Put the washing machine on the balcony to make a small cabinet, convenient to put some debris, such as washing clothes and other debris. Both beautiful and practical.


Be sure to keep an eye on the upstairs to make waterproof, otherwise the upstairs will always drip down the downstairs


Don't blindly follow online group buying


TV background wall must be set up a few more sockets, TV, DVD, a place, you will find that the socket is not enough


Before changing the waterway, it is necessary to consider the size of the wash basin installed in the future, whether it is the left basin or the right basin, and where the water and drainage should be located. Otherwise, after the change, it is found that the wash basin in the phase can not be filled


For the curtain, it is best to keep a copy of the size, explain to the boss that it can not be less size, or watch him cut the cloth


Construction sequence of decoration: Approach, remove the wall, build the wall -- toilet, kitchen floor to do 24-hour closed water test (developers need to complete this task) -- buried wire trough hidden hydropower transformation project, closed water test without leakage start to do waterproof project -- bathroom, kitchen wall tiles -- woodworking approach, hanging ceiling, gypsum corner line -- door cover, window cover, Production of wooden cabinet frame -- synchronous production of various wooden doors, molding and flat pressing -- wood panel brush dust-proof paint (clean oil) -- window sill surface leveling -- wood veneer panel paste, line production and fine installation -- wall base treatment, grinding, leveling -- furniture, door seams paste self-adhesive (protective strip) -- wall paint ICI at least three times -- furniture paint approach, repair Nail eyes, paint -- handle corners, lay floor tiles, solid wood or composite wood floors, waterproof stone strips, foot lines -- lamps, sanitary ware, handle, door lock installation and debugging -- cleaning and sanitation, floor tiles, leaving -- preliminary acceptance of the interior decoration -- three parties make an appointment for formal acceptance and delivery to the owner


Before the valve of the flue is installed, it must be cleaned to ensure that the valve plate can be switched on and off freely and can be opened to the maximum, otherwise it will affect the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood. Two pieces can be left uninstalled when the ceiling is installed, and the ceiling can be installed after the range hood is installed and tested without error


In such a large space as the living room and dining room, the ceiling can not be done


When wiring, you should think about the air conditioner position, and move the power supply as close as possible to the air conditioner, so as not to see a cut of the power cord when installing the air conditioner


Personally measure and record the various sizes available in the house, you can cover the size on the building layout and then mark the new lead, the final size will directly affect the decoration design and furniture purchase


Line is not good small apartment if the choice of black walnut is always not enough atmosphere, then you need to have a choice, or to accommodate the actual or persistent their own ideas, of course, it is best to take into account both


The best furniture such as sofas, wardrobes, dining tables and chairs, cabinet lights are best to lift that look


It is best to note down the size of the furniture that has been optimistic, and then go to the room to virtual future arrangements


When buying things, the necessary documents must be saved, which may be absolutely beneficial to the return and exchange of goods in the later period, especially when some important items are purchased receipts, instructions, etc., because a lot of things have a warranty period, and the certificate lost will be more troublesome!