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Pay attention to the time period (three sections) of the disk

2018-03-14 20:48:13

Focus on the time period of the disk (three segments). (1) Opening stage: generally refers to the first summary of the morning or the first hour after the opening. The most important time should be the first 30 minutes of trading. Factors influencing the opening phase include yesterday's US trading movements and the latest news from foreign markets and markets such as Tokyo, Japan and Singapore. It can be said that using the influence of the external trend, and with the characteristics of the trend, the main market will play a reasonable opening price, and carry out the operation of the idea, and then, with the gradual dilution of the main action to take a wait-and-see attitude, the market will enter the stage of self-digestion, and a preliminary consensus will be reached. (2) Renewal phase: Renewal phase includes most of the time from 10:30 to 2:30. The trend of the continuation stage is completely determined by the main operating style and operating ideas of the market. In the absence of extreme changes, this trend is difficult to change. The trend of the renewal stage can be divided into two situations: one is a trend and the other is no trend. Trend refers to the day out of their own independent trend; A trendless trend is a situation in which there is no independent movement of its own on the day. 1, there is a trend: there is a trend in the trend can be divided into two situations, one is a unilateral market, the other is an oscillation market. A one-sided market is a situation where the market moves in one direction or the other. In the unilateral market, the rhythm of the trend is basically determined by a, he has been in the continuation stage of the movement of the pulse of the market, where to open positions, where to suppress, where to get out of positions, the movement of the market appears to be well-organized, the other side is completely in a passive beating situation, without any power to fight back. Unilateral trading volume will be much larger than usual, which is due to the expansion of the market price range to attract the active participation of short-term funds. When this happens, it will be a comprehensive test of the main force from the operation method to the operation of funds. The oscillating market also belongs to the trend, which means that in the market, no one can master the initiative of the disk, the two sides of the long and short you come to me, each other, no one can obviously be in the absolute upper hand, and the price shows a pattern of range oscillation under the competition. 2, no trend trend: No trend trend means that in the renewal stage of the market, the main capital is almost no activity, and the transaction is almost composed of small and medium-sized funds. In this case, due to the absence of the participation of the main funds, the volume of the market has shrunk sharply, the price changes are extremely low, and the market has no clear market trend. No trend is more common in soybeans, which is due to the interaction between soybeans and the US plate, and the change of the US plate has been sufficiently reflected in the opening stage. And if there is no special change in the United States plate, coupled with no further plans for the main force, the market will also take the same strategy, which will cause the soybean plate to appear trendless pattern. Gold Investment Gold trading (3) Final stage: The final stage refers to the last 30 minutes of trading, which can be divided into two 15-minute movements. In the first 15 minutes, the market will still be affected by the trend of the continuation phase, which can be counted as a continuation of the continuation phase. If the continuation phase is a trend, the price fluctuations and volume changes in this phase will be more drastic, and may form the most active trading range throughout the day. If the continuation stage is no trend, this period of time the market will wake up from the downturn and turn into a gradually active scenario. In the last 15 minutes, market action is dominated by the two dynamics of closing positions and expectations for the next day. Due to the reason of short-term liquidation, it will cause price oscillations and the trend of falling positions, and this change is of little reference significance to investors. Under the expected influence, the main capital will launch a wave of short-term market, which will impact the opening trend of the second point, which is a factor that investors should consider in the short term. The trend of these three stages basically summarizes all the intraday trend, forming a complete intraday price chart. Because markets change, the understanding of the three stages should not be viewed with a rigid eye. Sometimes, the main force will take unconventional methods to operate, but through the identification of the three stages, it will be made aware of this change. In general, if the characteristics of the above three stages can be considered in the analysis of the disk, all changes in the disk will become more and more simple