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Optical Modem how to connect wireless Wifi router dial-up Internet

2018-03-14 08:00:32

The most used optical Modem device almost supports the routing function, that is, it can be used as a router, and it also supports wireless Wifi function. There is no need to connect to another wireless Wifi router, you can complete the general family network use. However, after many users upgrade their broadband to become optical fiber, the original device will have an independent wireless router. If it is not used, it is a bit wasteful. Some users use two wireless Wifi routes for bridging and relaying. Note that bridging and relaying are not the same. Some users' router processing function is powerful and intelligent, so I still hope that the light cat only does the function of the Modem. Then connect to the router and use the router to dial up the Internet. Let's take a look at the specific steps. 44 Lightcat Bell I-240W-QT How to set the WIFI router 38TP Link Wireless router bridge setting Procedure


Optical Modem equipment


Wireless Wifi router


First, you need to modify the optical cat Settings. If the routing function is enabled and the DHCP server is enabled, you need to set the Settings. If you use the super manager user and password to log in to your optical cat, you can not refer to the operations in the following link address.


After entering to find your network Internet connection - broadband Settings, most light cats are under this interface.


Select the connection name. It is recommended to use the connection name starting with Internet, TR069 is set. If iTV is enabled, there is also an option to set the connection name of iTV.


Pay attention to the connection mode. Select Bridge. If route is selected, the optical modem is used as the router. Other Settings remain unchanged by default, it should be noted that LAN port binding, LAN2 is generally an iTV interface, so gray indicates impossible, if the rest of the binding is checked, these LAN ports have the function of bridge, can be directly connected to the router. Randomly select a port to connect to the router's WAN port.


The next step is to check whether the DHCP server of the optical cat is shut down. Shut down the DHCP server of the optical cat because the router is to be used for DHCP assignment. To prevent IP address conflicts in the Settings connected to the network.


Ports 1(LAN1), 2 (iTV), 3 (LAN3), and 4 (LAN4) Connect the LAN port except the iTV port to the WAN port of the router using a network cable.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Find the WAN port Settings of the router, enter the dial-up account and password, save, and then start the DHCP server of the router and set the SSID and password of wireless Wifi. Refer to the link address below for more details.

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