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Operation instructions for steam trap detector (1)

2018-04-14 11:12:32

When the steam system leaks, the human energy is greatly lost, and the high temperature when the steam leaks out through the trap also brings a lot of dangers. This paper mainly explains how to use ZS6510-II technology to effectively prevent the emergence of hazards.


ZS6510II trap detector


US sonar detector


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On the screen of the second ZS6510II instrument, there will be three working modes, namely "automatic diagnosis mode", "View of test results after saving" and "real-time analysis". Follow the prompts and press the Confirm button.


The third part first carries out the "real-time analysis" function detection module, click and select through the direction keyboard. Then place the US contact probe sensor on the body of the trap and click Start measurement when you are ready to measure. What you're looking at here is the real-time curve of the internal sonar noise when there's steam inside the trap.


The full time interval on the fourth screen is 30 seconds, automatically refreshes, freezes it with one click and then you can measure the temperature by pressing a button. Can detect trap clogs or leaks. The sonar trap detection principle can determine the various conditions of the steam trap, normal, blocked, and leaking conditions, and can quantify the amount of steam leakage, completely changing the original phenomenon of relying on visual inspection and auscultation to judge the steam leakage wrong

Matters needing attention

This article is intended only as a guide for trap leak detection


Different media valve body differences, please adjust the screen parameter Settings