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New house decoration and decoration tips

2018-01-12 17:36:00

In the face of a variety of decoration methods, feel very at a loss, at a loss. The choice of decoration method determines the quality and effect of decoration. Once the wrong decoration method will lead to endless troubles in the decoration process, then how should we choose the decoration method? What matters should we pay attention to in finding a decoration method?


Look at the design to understand the designer's working time, design works, construction site, project quotation


Look at the license and qualification certificate and whether there is a headquarters authorization


Look at the scale look at the scale can indirectly reflect the strength of a decoration


Looking at the construction site, you can intuitively understand the construction technology and construction standards.


Look at some of the word of mouth looks not small, but the word of mouth in the market is not good, often shoddy, after-sales can not keep up


From the construction materials, you can understand the requirements for quality, and you can understand whether it is an environmentally friendly material


Look at the price offer pay a lot of attention, can not be determined by the price alone, because a lot of decoration in the price


Look at the service good service standards, is a representative of good decoration


Look at the real decoration enterprises can give the owner is perfect after-sales service, and formal after-sales protection