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LOL on the single dog head out of the outfit, talent recommended

2018-05-08 14:24:27

Dog head is a hero in the league of heroes, we all like the late hero, we all know that his Q skill damage with the increase of soldiers can get more damage, and the development of the dog head gives a person the feeling is rebellious, let's talk about the LOL on the single dog head out, talent


Start equipping the dog head to go out and make corruption potion, which can help the dog head to replenish health and mana in the early stage, and can be filled every time you go home, and then a monitoring totem to prevent the eye from being GANK


Medium equipment the dog's head to make three phases of power, this equipment can improve the dog's head of all attributes, and a mercury boot, can improve the dog's magic resistance, while reducing his time under control


The late equipment of the dog's head makes the three phase force, Mercury boots, Frost Heart, uplifting armor, Straker's challenge gauntlet, Thorn armor, this equipment can make the dog's head play a high output, and can make the dog's head has a strong ability to withstand


Fierce: 12 rage 5, feast 1, Bloodsucking 5, bullying 1


Resolute: 18 Unyielding 5, Hardened Skin 1, Mana Armor 5, Insight 1, Sensitivity 5, Time Force 1


The following is an overview of the talent of the single dog head, which can greatly enhance the ability of the dog head to fight, and at the same time can make the dog head play a certain amount of damage