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Let's talk about computer science interviews

2018-04-15 20:48:13

As a fresh graduate, a current student, or someone with a little work experience. I suggest you take a look. (This article is especially for the independent, self-struggling drifters...)


A smart phone, a resume, and preferably a computer (with an Internet connection). Most importantly -> You need to have 1-2k of pre-living funds


Route problems: Going out, the route is not familiar is inevitable, a download a map can prevent such situations.


Send CV: register recruitment website account, create email, set number. (I won't go into the basics of get.) Then it's time to write your resume. Fresh or experienced. It's always better to tell the truth. If you feel powerful, you can put some water in it. Take your own weight. Don't shoot yourself in the foot. And don't go overboard at the end. Try to look at factors such as distance and size. There are plenty of good positions out there, but sea investment may not be the one you want.


Accept HR telephone (such as appointment, preparation for interview, etc.) : new people, speak politely. After all, if we do. In the future, everyone will be colleagues; In addition, remember the name, address, interview time and other important items (remember! Remember! Remember! Important three times).


Interview preparation: Print your resume in advance (remember, usually word version prevails)! Consolidate the knowledge in advance and check the bus route in advance. If you have a power bank, bring one. After all, there is no electricity on the cry (with a charging treasure without a data line can go home, this IQ is not suitable for going out). Then I put together my clothes and my gear. I'm ready to go.

Matters needing attention

Resume printing (although some will be prepared. Just in case)


Keep it charged. It's out of power... I can't even find a way back


Try to keep the interview quiet. Don't let others interfere to avoid embarrassment