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Learn pet grooming training time

2018-03-14 20:48:00

The study time of pet groomer is only about one month, and the time of pet medical treatment is three months. This is a common phenomenon in the pet grooming industry, in order to better and faster let students employment, the course has been compressed, to ensure that students can take a job after graduation. Many students are not clear about the study time, because they do not have an accurate positioning of themselves, and the correct positioning of their own is a prerequisite for scientific choice of study time.


For the problem of pet groomer's learning time, it is proportional to the learning goal. If you are keen on the pet groomer industry, want to make a difference in the industry, and want to become a senior manager, in addition to having skilled pet grooming skills, pet management, pet marketing, personnel scheduling and other related knowledge is also essential. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a professional in the training of relevant talents, and carry out systematic, professional and scientific learning of practice and theory, which is a prerequisite and guarantee for achieving the goal. For high school graduates and junior high school graduates, most of them have no social work experience after graduation, not to mention the industry experience of pet groomer and the understanding and overall positioning of the pet groomer industry. The purpose of their choice of pet groomer is simple, hoping to master the skill of pet groomer, obtain a living means, win social status. What they need is a step-by-step systematic course, so as to constantly enrich their skills and theoretical knowledge, and gradually strengthen their understanding of pet groomers at the level of consciousness to clarify their goals and directions.


Unlike many middle and high school graduates who have just come out of school, some people may have studied or worked in pets and "masters" for a period of time, and have certain insights into the pet groomer industry, but they have not passed professional systematic training, both in skills and in theory can not meet the requirements of many large pets. Therefore, they choose to go back to school to study. They have clear learning goals and hope to improve their comprehensive ability on the basis of their original knowledge. Combined with their actual situation, they can avoid learning some basic knowledge such as basic skills, and choose some short-term or characteristic majors to strengthen their learning.


For more and more pet grooming amateurs in society, they just want to improve their pet grooming skills by learning. Short-term interest classes are perfect for them.


In order to meet the different needs of different students, whether it is a large training institution or a small and medium-sized training course, different majors should be set up according to the actual needs of students, so that students can not only make up for their shortcomings and improve themselves in the process of learning, but also will not cause a waste of time and economy.


Take the elite pet beauty school as an example, for junior and senior high school graduates and students keen on pet groomer industry, set up pet beauty shop technology class, professional training talent goal is also junior and senior high school graduates and pet groomer industry choose long-term learning and struggle for the ultimate goal, so in the process of learning, They have already formed a wide range of contacts, laying the foundation for the orderly development of future work. In the process of learning, these students also have close contact with the international well-known industry, which has a huge promotion and promotion role for the future development of students.


In order to optimize the students' learning time, the school also set up pet SPA, pet medicine bath, pet massage and other specialty. In order to let students learn at school rest assured, long-term students after graduation, the school 100% recommended employment, short-term students after passing the graduation assessment, can also be recommended by the school to work in famous enterprises. Choosing a suitable learning time is one of the guarantees to improve learning efficiency. It is like you are adjusting a dose of non-popular taste for yourself, whether it is rich, it is good for yourself.