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Korea tax refund official guide How to use tax refund

2018-03-14 01:36:01

Korea tax refund official guideline [find, with tax refund] in Korea shopping is finished, satisfied you are ready to go home, don't forget tax refund oh! Xiao Zhi tells you how to get tax refund at Seoul Airport in South Korea, let's watch.

Under what circumstances can you get a tax refund:

1. Spend more than 30,000 won in the following tax refund mark


2. Ask the clerk for the tax refund form with the passport, and fill in the binding account according to the above prompts. Take Global Blue as an example.


If the tax Refund is GTF, it needs to be found on the tax refund envelope to fill in the bound account, and belongs to the KICC tax refund (EasyTax Refund), it needs to be found on the tax refund form to fill in the bound account. END

Where is the customs stamp office at Gimpo Airport?

Customs stamp Office: on the second floor of the boarding pass and checked baggage processing hall (" Customs departure report "in the picture) END

Where is the tax refund box at Gimpo Airport?

After the customs stamp, you can put into the tax refund mailbox next to the customs counter, please pay attention to the tax refund logo into the corresponding mailbox! END

Where is the Incheon Airport Customs stamp Office?

· Before security check: the customs stamp is located on the 3rd floor of the terminal, and there is a customs stamp office opposite the check-in counter D and J.


· After security check: the customs stamp is located at Gate 1234, each of which is used for inspection and stamping of carry-on tax refund items. END

Where is the tax refund counter (post box) at Incheon Airport?

· After security check: schematic diagram on the left side of Gate28 LV


Reality picture


After entering, you can see two tax refund counters, both support tax refund, directly put the tax refund form and tax refund envelope directly into the mailbox:


Finally, it is waiting for the tax refund to the account, with the tax refund no need to queue up, the RMB to the account END