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Kitchen shelving material

2018-04-12 17:36:12

Kitchen and bathroom shelf metal material is good, plastic is not long, not recommended to use. Xiaobian tells you that metal storage shelves are roughly divided into the following types:


Copper chrome plating big brand material and chrome plating technology are quite good, and the shape is also beautiful, but the price is relatively expensive, ordinary copper chrome plating products, when buying must ask whether the foot column, the base is all copper, if you can find out a few layers of chromium plating is better. Big brands of chromium plating layer is generally more than 6 layers, inferior products, plated two or three layers also have. 6-8 layers of chromium plating, the surface is clear, silvery light, not easy to rust off, two or three layers of chromium plated products, the appearance of less than a year or two, dull, and water traces are difficult to rub, oxidation points such as pockmarks, the surface layer is empty and peeled off.


There are 201, 301, 304, 315, 410 and other kinds of stainless steel material. Among them, 18-8, 18-10 of 304 stainless steel is medical grade stainless steel, which is a top product, and there are few shelves of this high-grade stainless steel on the market. 201 stainless steel is low grade, easy to rust, not recommended. There are two kinds of appearance: one is brushed matte, and the other is mirror. The former is steel natural color, metal material shows, is a high-grade product; The latter has chrome plating, polishing components, not rare, and easy to leave difficult to erase watermarks and so on. Buy stainless steel shelving, as with copper shelving, be sure to note that it is all stainless steel, including foot posts and low seats. Many cheap products on the market, the main body is stainless steel, accessories are iron, extremely easy to rust! Whether it is foot column, cross bar or base, stainless steel shelf is the same as the faucet, its color is particularly durable, and the texture is particularly strong.