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Jiuzhai address bus lines self-driving lines around scenic spots

2018-03-15 19:12:08

Jiuzhai address in county Qin Jiang town, Jiuzhai in the end how to go? This many people are concerned about the problem, the following specific introduction of Jiuzhai in the past bus lines and self-driving lines. What are the scenic spots around Jiuzhai presumably we also want to know, the following will be introduced for you, I hope this experience can give you a little help.

Introduction of Jiuzhai and scenic spots around Jiuzhai

Jiuzhai Resort Manor is located in Zhenjing Koupi Village, 16 kilometers away from the county seat. The project is huge, with a planned area of 8,000 mu. With 20 square kilometers of Tongtianzhai Provincial Forest Park, Jiuzhai Resort is the most distinctive canyon resort in China, including Ganrafi and Jiuzhai Resort.


Introduction: Jiuzhai is known for its healing properties. According to the determination of the provincial hydrogeological experts, Jiuzhai is even a rare "double material". The water temperature is 59℃, the self-flow rate is 1800 tons/day, containing F (fluorine) 4.40mg/L, containing H2SIO3 (metasilicic acid) 58.55mg /L, which greatly exceeds the national naming standard for medical mineral springs, and has high medical care and beauty value. According to the sampling analysis of the provincial laboratory of the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, the water in Jiuzhai is rich in more than 20 kinds of minerals and trace elements such as metasilicic acid, radon, iodine, fluorine, manganese, barium, lithium, strontium, etc. The water quality meets the requirements of the name "silicon water" for medical hot mineral water, and belongs to metasilicic acid spring, which is beneficial to softening blood, and is a rare high-quality composite medical hot mineral water.


Jiuzhai travel project: Jiuzhai set tourism, leisure and entertainment, ecological people living in one, with SPA, water park, physiotherapy, star wine, vacation apartment, Hakka manor, ecological residential area, conference, food, KTV, and other leisure and entertainment facilities.


Jiangxi Scenic Spot Introduction: Gan Piao Flow is located in Gan Nature Reserve, about 50 kilometers away from the county seat. With a total length of 5 kilometers and a drop of 320 meters, there are more than 80 rivers and bays, 56 rapids and 22 waterholes. Jiangxi Drift is divided into three sections, namely, the warrior drift, the warrior drift and the free drift. It is known as "the first drift in Ganjiang River for thousands of miles" and is the most exciting drift in Asia. Jiangxi rafting way "Xianren Valley", "carp leap", "three-fold spring", "gold", "seven miles" and other more than 40 natural attractions. Known as the "Qianli Ganjiang River first drift", the negative oxygen ion content of Gandrift scenic spot reaches 100,000 units per cubic centimeter, known as the natural oxygen bar.

Jiuzhai bus line self-driving line

Jiuzhai Address: Jiuzhai Resort is located in Zhenjing Koubei Village, 16 kilometers away from the county seat.


Jiuzhai bus line: Jiuzhai resort Manor to the county town is only about 20 minutes by car, and there are many vehicles from the county, many flights every day, the latest one at about 6 o 'clock in the evening - 180 kilometers of the city every day there are buses to (about 3 hours)


Jiuzhai Road: Close to 206 National Road (Ruijin direction) and 309 National road (provincial direction) cross Jiuzhai Resort Manor to the county town only 15 minutes by car, Jiuzhai Manor is about half an hour away from Ruijin, Jiuzhai Manor to the urban area only 2 hours. In 2010, the three expressways of Kunxia, Quannan and Jiguang will intersect around the Jiuzhai Resort Manor, and the three cities will be within 2 hours' drive to the scenic spot!

Matters needing attention

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