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Introduction to Chess - How to play chess

2018-03-14 19:12:39

Chess has a total of 64 squares of 8*8, and the two adjacent squares are always black and white. For convenience, we can use the letters and numbers A -- H, and 1 -- 8 to designate each cell. As shown below. The two sides of the game are divided into black and white, each holding 16 pieces. The 16 pieces are eight pawns, two rook, two horse, two elephant, one queen, and one king. As long as you eat the king of the other side, you win. Let's talk about the rules of each piece.

Rules of chess

At the beginning of the game, the rules are as follows.


The king. The king can go straight, sideways, or sideways, but can only move one space at a time. The king is the symbol of life. When the king dies, the game is over.


My Queen. The queen is the most powerful piece in chess, because she can move straight, sideways, and diagonally, and there is no limit to the number of squares she can move, as long as there are no other pieces in front of her.


Elephant. It can only be slanted. In chess, there are two elephants, one in black and one in white, which means that an elephant in black will never appear in white.


Horse. The walking method of the horse in chess and the horse in Chinese chess is the same, and they both walk the word "sun". But there is no such thing as "leg mixing" in chess.


Car. The car in chess is the same as the car in Chinese chess, which can go straight and sideways, and the number of bars is not limited. In addition, the car also has a special move, called "king castling". In each game, both players have a chance to move the king and rook at the same time. However, there are many restrictions on castling, and friends who want to know more about it can find it on the encyclopedia. It has a detailed introduction.


Soldier. If the soldier is walking for the first time, he can walk one or two squares, if he is not walking for the first time, he can only walk one square, and can only go straight, not run amok and diagonal. In addition, the method of eating children is more special, in general, soldiers can only eat the children in front of the oblique, after eating to occupy the position in front of the oblique, there is a special way to eat, soldiers walk two boxes at a time, after walking on the same horizontal line when there is the other side's soldier, you can eat it, and then occupy the position in front of the oblique. It's called "eating the passer."

Other chess considerations

The chessboard should be placed correctly, that is, to ensure that their right bottom is white.


In every opening, white moves first, black moves later, and white and black take turns.


There is a saying that soldiers are "promoted". That is, if your own pawn goes to the other side's bottom line, then the pawn can be promoted to other pieces other than the king and pawn, because the queen is the most powerful, so the pawn is often promoted to the queen.

Matters needing attention

I believe that after knowing the above rules, you can try to play chess, but to become a master, but also to master certain skills and more practice.


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