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Instructions for using the Binjue watch

2018-01-13 12:48:00

1. Introduction This series of watches is the crystallization of the careful design of the watch masters' dedication to the watch and the continuous pursuit of the best quality, and it also represents the quality symbol of the brand since its creation. You have purchased a technological marvel that will serve you well for years to come. Your BEGEEL watches are equipped with a high-quality movement, and you can enjoy extremely precise time. The production process of BEGEEL watches uses advanced technology and goes through rigorous testing before they are released. Please read this instruction manual carefully, use all the functions of the watch correctly, and make sure that the watch you purchase is accompanied by a BEGEEL Watch International warranty, so that you can request a warranty service if necessary. 2. Care and Maintenance 2.1 Care Code Like all micro-mechanical precision instruments, your BEGEEL watch needs to be inspected at least every two years. Please take your watch to an authorized BEGEEL repair or other professional watch repair office. In order to ensure the waterproof performance of your watch, make sure to check its tightness at every inspection. a. When the watch is wet, dry it b. Do not move the crown when you are in the water. c. When the watch is submerged in seawater, it needs to be washed. d. Have your watch tested for water resistance by an authorized BEGEEL watch retailer or other professional watch repair office whenever the case is opened. e. The waterproof ring inside the watch is to prevent water and dust from entering your watch, you should change the waterproof ring every 2-3 years to ensure that your watch is normal and practical. 2.2 Water Resistance The specific water resistance of your watch is indicated on the back case. If there is fog inside the glass of your watch, please remove the moisture inside the BEGEEL watch repair point immediately to avoid damaging the movement. Water resistance Guide: - No water sports that do not allow contact with water 30m/3ATM allow contact with water, such as hand washing and rain 50m/5ATM allow swimming 100m/10ATM allow swimming and bathing (do not soak in hot water) 200m/20ATM allow affect water sports, Such as diving and scuba diving 500m/50ATM for deep water diving 2.3 Belt 2 BEGEEL watches recommend that you follow the following steps in order to maintain the condition of your strap for as long as possible: -3- Avoid contact with water and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation. - Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight to prevent fading. - Remember, the strap is permeable! Therefore, avoid contact with greasy substances and cosmetics. - If you have any questions about your watch band, please approach your BEGEEL watch retailer/repair shop. 2.4 Magnetic field If the watch is placed in a strong magnetic position for a long time, the component may be magnetized, resulting in failure. To prevent the watch from malfunctioning, avoid contact with magnetic fields, such as magnets, loudspeakers, and refrigerators. 2.5 Shock - Do not carry the watch when you are engaged in strenuous exercise - Avoid violent impact, such as dropping on the floor 452.6 Vibration If subjected to strong vibration, such as riding a motorcycle, using a hammer, chainsaw, etc., will cause the watch to lose time accuracy 2.7 Temperature in the environment below and above normal temperature (5-25〫C), the watch may fail and stop. At high temperatures, such as in the sauna do not take the watch watch may heat and lead to burns 2.8 Chemicals, gases, etc. need to be very careful when exposed to gases, mercury, chemicals, (paint thinner, gasoline, various solvents, cleaners, adhesives, coatings, drugs, fragrances, cosmetics, etc.) which may cause discoloration, deformation and damage to the parts inside the watch. 2.9 Waterproof strap Some products use specially treated belts to resist sweat stains and moisture absorption have been applied. The waterproof effect of this watch depends on the period and conditions of use, and may be lost.