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Industrial aluminum profile assembly whiteboard frame steps _ Open field

2018-04-14 03:12:38

Previously, we have talked about the specifications of aluminum profile and aluminum profile accessories used in aluminum profile whiteboard frame, and the connection method used. Today, we will explain the installation steps of aluminum profile whiteboard frame, taking the internal connection as an example.


Kai Yu aluminum profile


Kai Yu aluminum profile accessories


When the white board frame is used for internal connection, the general use of special semi-round head bolts with elastic fasteners is used, which is not easy to loose and has the function of earthquake resistance. However, the matching elastic fasteners are also required, which is a special accessory for slot 8 series profiles, so when using European standard 3030, European standard 4040, European standard 6060 and European standard 8080 profiles to make white board frames, elastic fasteners can be used. The installation is divided into four steps:


Step 1: Machining through holes and countersunk holes in the rubbing groove of a profile;


Step 2: Connect the elastic fastener with the half-round head bolt; (If elastic fasteners are not available, omit this step)


Step 3: Install the half-round head bolt in the through hole and tighten it;


Step 4: Install the hex bolt in the countersunk hole and tighten it.


The above is the installation steps of the aluminum whiteboard frame, is it very simple? As an aluminum profile manufacturer, Qiyu not only has aluminum profiles and aluminum profile accessories in stock, but also has more than 10 sets of processing equipment, which can cut, punch, tap and so on.